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Created: Tuesday, 04 December 2018 23:40
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 A Message from Newton Gabbidon, IPMI’s President.

For a majority of Christians around the world, the Christmas season is a time of reflection on the greatest event of human history: the advent of Jesus’ birth in a lonely Bethlehem stable over 2000 years ago (John 3:13). In fulfillment of the Scriptures, Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory, willingly left His heavenly splendor and came to our fallen world for the one and only purpose of rescuing men, women, and children from their sins.

The story of the Gospel is the fulfillment of that purpose through Christ’s death on a cross, his resurrection from the grave and triumphant ascension to heaven, where he remains seated at the right hand of the Father, performing one of His most important tasks of reconciling the nations to the Father, through intercession.

Here at Intercessory Prayer Ministry International, we are deeply grateful to the Lord for the opportunity He has offered us to share in this wonderful ministry of reconciliation. This Christmas season, as we pause to reflect on the miracle of the advent of Christ’s coming and of its relevance to our troubled world, we are ever mindful of the support that we received during 2018 from our friends and partners and would like to  thank specially those of you whose prayers and financial support helped to keep the organization going during this year.  We would also like to use this opportunity to provide you with this final ministry update for 2018.

 2018 has proved to be a very busy year for IPMI as the organization took advantage of a number of ministry opportunities to advance the Kingdom of God locally and internationally through the hosting of over one hundred prayer meetings and events, including the Tenth  Annual Pastors and Leaders Prayer Symposium, Twenty-second Annual Prayer Breakfast, Fourteenth Annual Jamaica Diaspora Day of Prayer and Fasting (JDOP)  and Annual Global Prayer Summit.   The success of these great events over the years has been facilitated mainly through the collaboration of IPMI with pastors, other ministry leaders, and support agencies both locally and internationally, resulting in the mobilization of thousands of Christians locally and internationally uniting in prayer and fasting for revival. A great example of the success IPMI enjoys over the year through collaboration with other leaders and agencies is JDOP, which the organization hosts annually around the August 1, Jamaican Emancipation holiday in association with members of the clergy and Jamaica Overseas Missions in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.  Over the past ten years, the program has generated over $60,000 in financial support for two charities working with at-risk teenagers, particularly from the inner cities. 

During 2018, through the generous financial support of partners like you, we were able to invest in the development of our new website as well as the application of new technological innovations in the development and promotion of ministry programs.   Through these tools, we were better able to effectively mobilize our partners locally and internationally to support the ministry.  The highly successful Monthly Global Prayer Teleconferencefacilitated by our friend Esther Ilnisky, Founder/President of Esther Global Network and other pastors and prayer leaders locally and internationally, is an example of just how well the utilization of these technological innovations have helped IPMI advance its mission globally.  Through the three monthly global prayer teleconference calls, hosted around first Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Christians from over ten nations are mobilized to pray for revival in the US and Western Europe as well as a number of other critical global issues. 

As a result of this type of generous support, we were also able to launch the Schools of Prayer Development project to extend the program to more churches locally in pursuit of the organization's ten-year strategic plan.  The project will involve the development of a curriculum and other resources aimed at facilitating the development of prayer ministries of churches. The project is expected to be completed within the next year and a half depending on the availability of funding.  

As the Lord permits, we are desirous of taking advantage of whatever other opportunities He might offer IPMI during 2019 to continue sharing in His glorious ministry of reconciling the nations to the Father through the marvelous work of intercession.  Once again we thank you for your support during 2018 and invite you again to consider prayerfully partnering with us through your prayers and financial support during 2019.

A  Happy and Peaceful Christmas to you and your family from all the leaders of IPMI.

Yours in His service,

Rev. Newton Gabbidon
President & CEO

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