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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a global prayer movement, focusing on prayer and fasting for spiritual revival here in the United States, where we are located as an organization, and in various nations around the world.  We seek to promote and facilitate prayer and fasting among individuals, churches, and other Christian organizations in order to foster spiritual renewal and transformation of families, communities, cities, and nations in furtherance of Christ's Kingdom. 

Our Vision

Our vision is for Christians from around the globe to unite in prayer and fasting for a much-needed revival to take place in our world.       

Pursuing Goals With A Purpose

In support of our core purpose, we strive to increase awareness about prayer and fasting among believers of all denominations, mobilizing prayer, support, and action through  the following goals:

  1. Consultation and collaboration with pastors and leaders within the Christian community, locally and internationally;
  2. Research, publication and relevant biblical teaching and mentoring.  These activities are to be facilitated through the establishment and development of IPMI's Training Institute for the purpose of training current and future generations of intercessors, including children and the youth.
  3. Promotion of ministry activities and programs through the use of the Internet, print and electronic media;
  4. Involvement with charitable and benevolent endeavors related to the poor and social justice, including the development of local and international projects.
  5. Establishment of the IPMI Center for Global and Strategic Intercession in New York City to facilitate the development of the organization's work locally and internationally.


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