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Intercession and Family Dynamics The Judah Perspective

The popular perception of intercession as an overly spiritual activity, restricted to incessant and rigorous prayer with bouts of fasting, by fiery and pious Christian types is rather overwrought and limited. To be sure, the prayer and fasting...

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The Topical and Critical Function of Grace and Peace

Emeka Nwankpa, Esq Grace and peace, as envisioned and deployed by the Apostle Paul, is seldom accorded the level of importance and esteem that it should. This intervention is designed to raise our awareness of the great importance and function of...

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Meet Global Prayer Summit 2023 Speaker: David Bryant

Rev. Dr. David Bryant For the past 45 years, Dr. David Bryant has been a beacon of hope, spreading Christ's message to churches across the globe. He comes from a background of being a pastor and minister-at-large with the InterVarsity Christian...

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Understanding and Dealing with the Ministry and Administration of Lies

Ebere Nwankpa This correspondence is a summary and brief of strategic importance. It is a letter to the Church of Christ to observe and to be aware. It is a call to action. There is a measure of urgency and need accompanying it. The subject of our...

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“Exalting the Lord, our Mighty Fortress, in the Nations”

Rev. Newton Gabbidon Although we fell short of the ambitious goals set by the Planning Committee of attracting 400 – 500 participants from 50 countries, including those whose native languages are Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Hindi, it is...

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Fasting, A Vital Key to Effective Prayer and Victorious Christian Living

Newton Gabbidon, Can fasting enhance prayer? Derek Prince's (1973) statement about the relationship between prayer and fasting is simple and profound. He explains that fasting intensifies prayer and that certain spiritual objectives can only be...

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2021: The Year of the Word of God

Today is the beginning of a new season, the entrance to a year which I believe the Lord is identifying as “2021: The Year of the Word of God”. I am so excited about this that I wish to share it with you so we can all triumph together in what I...

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