Daily Devotion

The Christian Impact on the World

COLOSSIANS 4:5-6 Here we have three brief instructions for the life of the Christian while in the world. (1 st ) The Christian must behave himself with wisdom and with tact towards those who are not believers in Jesus. Make the most of every...

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The King is Coming!

ISAIAH 9:6 MESSIAH’S COMING! Messiah becomes a man. In this scripture, we have one of the most beautifully poetic promises of the Messiah’s coming reign. Yearly we recite this verse and hear it sung as we celebrate Christmas. Yet this verse also...

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The Gospel of the Flesh

Today's Bible Passage JUDE 1:10 Jude says two things about the evil men that he is attacking. (1 st ) He criticizes everything that he does not understand. Anything that is out of his orbit and his experience he disregards as worthless and...

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The Greatness of Jesus Christ

Today's Bible Passage 2 Peter 1:3-7 In verses 3 and 4 , there is a tremendous and comprehensive picture of Jesus Christ: (2 nd ) He is the Christ of generosity. He bestows on us all things necessary for true life and true religion. He gives us a...

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Importance of Elders in the Church

Today's Bible Passage 1 PETER 4:14-16 Here Peter says the greatest thing of all. If a person suffers for Jesus, the presence of the glory rests upon him. This is a very strange phrase. It can only mean one thing. The Jew has the conception of the...

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Entrusting All Our Life to God

Today's Bible Passage 1 PETER 4:17-19 As Peter saw it, it was all the more necessary for the Christian to do right because judgment would soon begin with the household of God. Ezekiel hears the voice of God proclaiming judgment upon His people,...

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