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Intercessory Prayer Ministry International (IPMI) began in 1996 as a small prayer group in a home in Brooklyn. This small group of Christians, particularly from the Jamaica Diaspora of the Greater New York area, Long Island, and New Jersey, had come together with a simple desire to pray for revival in their homeland. Quite a lot has happened since then to transform IPMI from a small group of Christians with a burning passion for revival in their homeland to a global entity pursuing the important mission of impacting lives and transforming nations through united prayer and fasting.

Rev. Newton GabbidonRev. Newton GabbidonPrior to migrating to New York City, IPMI's founder and President (Rev. Newton Gabbidon) was involved in the leadership of a national interdenominational prayer movement in his homeland of Jamaica. He notes that "IPMI’s evolution into a global entity, particularly over the past decade or so, has been due largely to

  • the response of the ministry’s leadership team to opportunities the Lord has made available, in keeping with the ministry’s vision of facilitating united prayer among Christians for a much-needed revival for the transformation of families, communities, cities, and nations;
  • a strong commitment to a set of core values based on collaboration, excellence in ministry, and integrity, anchored on the principles of Scripture; and
  • the great support that the organization has received from faithful partners."

But, what is uniquely different about IPMI that has accounted for its evolution into a leader in the global prayer movement? For Dr. McKenzie Pier, the founder and CEO of the New York City Leadership Center, "What makes IPMI uniquely different is the undertaking to which its leaders are committed: that united prayer can make an extraordinary difference in our world."

The fundamental core values to which IPMI is deeply committed are integral to its mission and have resulted in the organization forging great partnerships, uniting in prayer with key organizations and agencies over the past several years. These include Jamaica Overseas Missions; the UK-based Micah Challenge International (now Micah Global Network); the Esther Network International; and the New York City Leadership Center. By facilitating prayer, gospel initiatives, and social activism around the world, these strategic partnerships have greatly impacted the development of IPMI.

Jamaica Overseas Missions

Mrs. Geneive Brown-Metzger Mrs. Geneive Brown-Metzger Since 2009, IPMI has collaborated with members of the clergy and the Jamaica Overseas Missions based in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States to host the Annual Jamaica Diaspora Day of Prayer and Fasting (JDOP). This event facilitates prayer for Jamaica’s spiritual renewal among members of the Christian community in these regions around the time of the August 1 Jamaica Emancipation holiday. In pledging her support for the hosting of the 2010 JDOP, former Consul General of Jamaica, Geneive Brown Metzger said,  “I am pleased to, once again, join with IPMI to pledge support for the day of prayer and fasting ...These are, indeed, very challenging times for our nation as we continue to grapple with the diverse and critical issues for which we must seek Divine intervention." Each year, more than 2000 persons from scores of congregations attend the special prayer service for Jamaica that culminates the day of prayer and fasting. Thousands more are mobilized through a special media campaign to support the event. All funds collected at this annual prayer service are donated to designated charities in Jamaica through Jamaica Overseas Missions.

Micah Challenge International

Rev. Joel EdwardsRev. Joel EdwardsThe relationship with Micah Challenge International (now the Micah Global Network) began in 2010 when IPMI joined with several other organizations from around the world to partner with Micah Challenge in support of the Micah 2010 Global Prayer Campaign against global poverty. In 2013 IPMI again joined a number of other organizations around the world in support of the Exposed 2013 Global Campaign against Corruption. Both Micah 2010 and Exposed 2013 were responsible for mobilizing in excess of 64 million Christians in over 100 countries to pray and take godly action on behalf of the poor, globally. “It’s been our privilege to be with others on the sharp end of developing biblical language and concepts… to put the biblical argument about justice ‘in the belly of the church’. We have been part of a Christian movement working collaboratively with like-minded people across civil society, challenging global institutions and governments about our promises to the poor.” -Rev. Joel Edwards, former General Director of Micah Challenge

New York City Leadership Center

Rev. Dr. McKenzie PierRev. Dr. McKenzie PierThe partnership that IPMI has forged with the New York City Leadership Center and its founder and President, Rev. Dr. McKenzie “Mac” Pier, has positively impacted the growth and development of the Pastors’ and Leaders’ Prayer Symposium. According to Rev. Dr. Samuel Vassel, Chairman of the Symposium, “At this Symposium, pastors and ministry leaders are offered an opportunity to dialogue with an experienced and competent church person about things that facilitate and strengthen their ability to lead the church.” The annual Symposium has attracted approximately 50 pastors and leaders representing various denominations, particularly from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

 Esther Network International

Rev. Esther IlniskyRev. Esther IlniskySince the establishment of the Monthly Global Prayer teleconference (MGPT) in July of 2009, the Esther Network International has been a faithful partner. According to Esther Ilnisky, Coordinator and facilitator of the program, “Involvement in the IPMI MGPT holds a high priority in my life and ministry. It is a strategic one hour of effectual prayer with the potential to change our world." The MGPT facilitates Christians around the world uniting in prayer for revival. Participants from a number of nations have joined for these powerful times of prayer, hosted on first Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. One of IPMI’s long-term goals for the program is to mobilize an army of more than 3000 persons worldwide to pray for revival.

Indeed, much has happened to transform IPMI from an organization focusing primarily on prayer for the spiritual renewal and transformation of Jamaica into a leader in the global prayer movement, championing the cause of revival for world evangelism and the social transformation of nations. This is no small accomplishment for IPMI when one considers its limited resources, but that is what happens when Christians respond to the simple call of Jesus to join Him in His intercessory ministry, reconciling the nations to God.



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