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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Mar 20, 2020
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Rev. Newton GabbidonRev. Newton GabbidonThe coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is significantly impacting our world, and the continually changing situation has made this an unusually challenging time for everyone — a time that, for many, is filled with fear and uncertainty.

Because of the way things have accelerated with the virus, governments around the world have taken extraordinary steps to contain the spread of this highly infectious disease for which there remains no proven treatment.

Here in the United States, these steps include bans on public gatherings, social distancing, and other restrictions mandated by the federal and state governments based on strict guidelines provided by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) aimed at limiting exposure to the virus. 

New York State, which is now the epicenter of the pandemic here in the United States, has banned all public gatherings, mandated schools, and businesses, and persons, except for those employed in areas of essential services to close.

Like many churches and Christian organizations here in New York and across the nation, facing these draconian restrictions, we at IPMI have seen our lives disrupted by this pandemic.

Please know, however, that while following these strict CDC guidelines to help protect ourselves and communities, you can count on IPMI doing what is right to mobilize united prayer for the United States and other nations facing significant challenges due to the pandemic.  

One of the ways we are seeking to do this during the ban on gatherings here in New York is through the Internet, using IPMI TV and other online forums like Zoom to host prayer meetings and other events. Also, IPMI will continue with our three monthly global prayer calls facilitated by leaders from twelve nations, including the United States.

To view IPMI's 2020 calendar of programs and events, click here   

Please note that we have canceled the March 28 and April 25, Monthly Prayer Meeting, and postponed the May 16 Pastors' and Leaders' Prayer Symposium scheduled for the New York Hilton. We will instead replace these prayer meetings with two online prayer meetings to commence at 5:30 PM ET.  We will also live-stream these prayer meetings to a global audience. 

Rev. Dr. Samuel Vassel, District Superintendent, Metro New York Church of the Nazarene, will join us as a special guest for the March 28, Prayer meeting.  Bishop C. B. Peter Morgan, Rev. Mary Glazier, and Paul Williamson, Jamaican born tenor and international opera singer, will join us as a special guest for the April 25 Prayer meeting. Bishop C. B. Peter Morgan, who served as the Past President of the International Third World Leaders Association and Past President of the International Association of Kingdom Churches and Ministries, is the Dean of Post Graduates Studies at the Church of the Nazarene College in Trinidad. Rev. Mary Glazier is Founder and President, Wind Walkers International, Co-Founder Kingdom Alliance Network and Alaskan Representative for International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.

We pray and trust that you and your loved ones will remain safe during this challenging global health crisis.


Newton Gabbidon

President & CEO


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