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Daily Devotion

The Toiler of Christ

Created: Friday, 31 May 2019 22:47
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To represent the Christian life, Paul has used the picture of the soldier and of the athlete; now he uses the picture of the farmer. It is not the lazy husbandman, but the husbandman who toils, who must be the first to receive the share of the fruits of the harvest. What, then, are the characteristics of the husbandman that Paul would wish to see in the life of the Christian?
(1stOften the husbandman must be content, first, to work, and, then, to wait. More than any other workman, he has to learn that there is no such thing as a quick result. The Christian also must learn to work and to wait. Often, he must show the good seed of the word into the hearts and minds of his hearers and, yet, see no immediate result. The farmer has learned to wait with patience, and so must the Christian teacher and the Christian parent.
(2ndOne special thing characterizes the husbandman-he must be prepared to work at any hour. In harvest time, we can see farmers at work in their fields as the last streak of light is left; they know no hours. Neither must the Christian. From dawn to sunset the Christian must be forever at his task of being a Christian. The Christian is not without a goal; he is always going somewhere. The Christian can be certain that after the effort of the Christian life, there comes the joy of heaven and the greater the struggle, the greater the joy.
Life Application
Earth's labor becomes nothing when compared with the joys of Heaven that will last forever. Keep this foremost in your mind at all times!
Thank You, Lord, for the joys we have had on earth and the promises of being in Heaven with You. My earthly labors will seem like nothing when I get to Heaven with that endless number of those who have labored and walked with You. Most of all to experience the joy of being with Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I can't even imagine what Heaven will be like. I look forward to being there forever. Hallelujah! Amen!

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