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Blessedness of Suffering for Christ

Created: Sunday, 12 September 2021 22:49
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Today's Bible Passage

1 PETER 4:14-16

Here Peter says the greatest thing of all. If a person suffers for Jesus, the presence of the glory rests upon him. This is a very strange phrase. It can only mean one thing. The Jew has the conception of the shekinah, the luminous glow of the very presence of God. This constantly recurs in the Old Testament. “In the morning,” said Moses, “you shall see the glory of the Lord” (Exodus 16:7). “The glory of the Lord settled upon Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it for six days,” when the law was being delivered to Moses (Exodus 24:16). Repeatedly, the Shekinah, the luminous glory of God, occurs in the Old Testament.
It is Peter’s conviction that something of that glow of glory rests on the person who suffers for Jesus. Peter goes on to point out that it is as a Christian that a person must suffer and not as an evil-doer. A Christian, Peter says, is not to suffer as an allotriepiskopos.  Peter invented this word which may have three possible meanings, all of which would be relevant. It means looking upon, looking into, or into that which belongs to another. To look upon that which is someone else’s might well be to cast covetous eyes upon it. This means that a Christian must not be covetous.
It is Peter’s injunction that if a Christian has to suffer for Jesus, he must do so in such a way that his suffering brings glory to God and to the name he bears.

Life Application

Your life and conduct are to be the best argument that you do not deserve the suffering that has come upon you and your attitude to it must commend the name you bear.

Praise and Prayers

“Thank You, Father God, for Your love that flows to Your children all over the world who don’t have the “light” to see, to guide them. Your love never stops flowing and that is the constant guide to all Your children wherever they may live. Amen!”

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