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Daily Devotion

The Characteristics of Goodness

Created: Thursday, 29 October 2020 13:45
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Today's Bible Passage

JUDE 1:20


In the previous scripture, Jude described the characteristics of error; here he describes the characteristics of goodness.
(1st) The good man builds up his life on the foundation of his most holy faith. That is to say, the life of the Christian is founded, not on something which he manufactured himself, but on something that he received. This faith came from Jesus to the apostles; it came from the apostles to the Church, and it comes from the Church to us.  There is something tremendous here. It means that the faith that we hold is not merely someone’s personal opinion; it is a revelation that came from Jesus Christ and was preserved and transmitted within His Church, always under the care and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, from generation to generation.
That faith is “a most holy faith.” The root meaning of holy is “different”. That which is holy is different from other things, as the pastor is different from other worshipers, the Church is different from other buildings, Sunday is different from other days, and God supremely different from men.
Our faith is different in two ways. 
  • (a) It is different from other faiths and philosophies in that it is not man-made but God-given, not opinion but revelation, not guessing, but with certainty. (b) It is different in that it has the power to make those who believe it different. It is not only a mind-changer but also a life-changer; it is not only an intellectual belief but also a moral dynamic.
(2nd) The good man is a man of prayer. “Prayer is love in need appealing to love in power.” Christians must be people of prayer for at least two reasons. 
  • (a) They know they must test everything by the will of God. (b) They must take everything to God for His approval. They must ever be taking their insufficiency to God’s sufficiency.


Life Application

The truth is that as Christians we are bound to pray to God, but He alone can teach us how to pray and what to pray for.


Praise and Prayer

“Dear God, my Father. I am so thankful that I can take my insufficiency to Your sufficiency. I always know that You meet my every need and open every door that You want me to enter.  Hallelujah!  Great is our God! Amen.”


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