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Partnering with IPMI for Global Revival

Created: Tuesday, 19 July 2011 04:57
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A Letter From Rev. Newton Gabbidon, Founder and, President

The world is badly in need of revival and the need could not be more critical in light of the continued increase in lawlessness and violence that pretty much form the primary focus of  the  major international print and electronic news media these days; the global threat of terrorism; and the spread of Aids, unfettered corruption and poverty throughout Africa and much of the Third World. These and other ills continue to inspire global fear and hopelessness on an unimaginable scale.

Here in America, since 9/11, we have seen some signs of such fear and hopelessness associated with the threat of terrorism and the deepening economic crisis manifested in high levels of unemployment across much of the nation, one of the worst housing crisis in US history where one in every four homes in America faces foreclosure, and the increasing of the national debt above the $14 trillion mark, now threatening the nation’s long-term economic viability. With the political uprisings now sweeping much of the Middle East, the situation could get even worse.

Moral values are also declining rapidly here in America, Canada, Europe and elsewhere in the West, reflecting the growth of secular humanism and the weakening of the church’s influence on western civilization.  But while the Church has been losing ground in the West, Islam and other religions have pretty much been making gains particularly in Europe where Christianity once flourished and which was once home to some of the greatest Christian revivals of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  This was reflected in a recent poll published in the Christian Science Monitor indicating that about 15% of Europeans attend church.  In London, the home of the Wesleyan revival, the decline of the church is even more pronounced where many of the church buildings, which once housed thriving congregations, are now thriving temples and mosques.  The trend is quite worrying for some evangelical scholars who are very concerned about the future prospects of the survival of Christianity on the Continent.  Revival is no longer an option for the church in the West.  It is her only hope of rekindling the dying spiritual fires in her midst; her only chance for the Spirit of the Lord to arise in her midst to raise the standard of righteousness above sin and indifference to His will and purpose and to reveal His glory for the healing and reconciliation of the nations.  Revival in the church of Jesus Christ is indeed the hope of our dying world.

These are some of the reasons we continue to renew our commitment and strengthen our resolve to continue serving the cause of revival for world evangelization through prayer.  During the year we have a number of programs and events that will enable us to fulfill this important mission. 

Partnering With Us for a Successful Year

As you are aware, the rough economic climate poses a major challenge for most ministries like IPMI that rely primarily on the general public for their financial support.  But the current growing global crisis also offers us a unique opportunity to positively impact the spiritual atmospheres the affected nations and their populations, through the advancement of the Kingdom of God internationally, as a result of the various programs IPMI generally offers participants at very little or no cost.  We invite you to partner with us for another year through your prayers and regular financial support. We believe that this type of support will enable us not only to survive these difficult economic times but also to continue to exploit the opportunity to advance the Christian gospel globally.

Your Partner in Prayer

Rev. Newton Gabbidon

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