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Thy Will be Done

Created: Friday, 22 June 2018 14:45
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LUKE 22:39-46
The space in Jerusalem was so limited that there was no room for gardens. Many well-to-do people, therefore, had private gardens on the Mount of Olives. A wealthy friend had given Jesus the privilege of using such a garden. It was there that Jesus went to fight His lonely battle. He was only thirty-three and no one wants to die at that early age. He knew what crucifixion was like. He was in an agony; the Greek word is used of someone fighting a battle with sheer fear. There is no scene like this in all of history. This was the very hinge and point in Jesus' life. He could have turned back even yet. He could have refused the cross. The salvation of the world hung in the balance as the Son of God literally sweated it out in Gethsemane and He won. Jesus went into Gethsemane in the dark; He came out in the light-because He had talked with God.
It makes all the difference in what tone of voice a man says, "Thy will be done."
Jesus was submitting to the love that would never let Him go. Life's hardest task is to accept what we cannot understand: but we can do even that if we are sure of the love of God. Jesus spoke like that; when we can speak like that, we can look up and say in perfect trust, "Thy will be done.
Life Application:   Do you have a garden place where you can go and say, "Thy Will Be Done!" Such a place is necessary in our walk with God.
Praise/Prayer:"Hallelujah, what a thought, Jesus full salvation brought!"  Jesus' cry of "THY WILL BE DONE" ONLY SET AN EXAMPLE FOR US TO FOLLOW. Dear Father, thank You for the love You show us daily. How I need to be encouraged every day. You call us to be obedient to Your desires and that is all I desire to do. You have been so generous and loving, I can't help but do what You desire. Amen

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