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Luke's Research and God's Inspiriation

Created: Wednesday, 19 December 2018 01:06
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Luke's introduction is unique because it is the only place where an author uses the pronoun "I."  It is the best Greek in the New Testament. It is as if Luke said to himself, "I am writing the greatest story in the world, and nothing but the best is good enough for it."  It is most significant that Luke was not satisfied with anyone else's story of Jesus. Luke did not know Jesus when Jesus was on earth. He was a doctor by profession and became the Apostle Paul's personal doctor. It was through this relationship that Luke learned about Jesus, met Mary the mother of Jesus and became the writer on his Gospel and the Book of the Acts of the Apostles.  
There is no passage of the Bible that sheds such a floodlight on the doctrine of the inspiration of scripture.  Luke's careful research and God's inspiration upon him has produced the most accurate picture of the life of Jesus.
For the past 2,000 years, critics have looked for ways to discredit the Bible.  At the same time, others have written to prove its authenticity. Michael Green of Regents College states that the Gospels are the most authenticated of all documents originating from that era.  He says, "We have copies...going back to within the century of their composition, which is fantastic compared with the classic authors of that same period. We have hundreds of the New Testament, and they give us the text with astonishing uniformity.  The unplanned harmony in their accounts is impressive and convincing.  God brought Luke into being a writer in the New Testament because of the proof we need at this time." 
Life Application:  Don't just believe everything you hear about the New Testament; verify what you hear by your own research.  That is what I love to do. If I will tell you to believe the Bible, I must really be a believer. And I am.  Now more than ever.
Praise/Prayer:  Dear Father I am so thankful for the way You have preserved copies of the Bible for all the years they have existed.  Thank You for bringing Luke into the picture just as You did Paul and the others. I love being able to read the scriptures and understand what they teach me.  Thank You for the way You have kept the Bible because now we have the truth to follow. Amen!

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