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Jesus Trial Before Herod

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LUKE 23:6-12
Galilee was under the jurisdiction of Herod Antipas, who was in Jerusalem to keep the Passover. So, Pilate referred the case of Jesus to Herod. Why did Jesus have nothing to say to Herod?
(a) Herod regarded Jesus as a sight to be gazed upon. To Herod, He was simply a spectacle. But Jesus was not a sight to be stared at; He was a king to be submitted to. Jesus is not a figure to be gazed at but a master to be obeyed. (b) Herod regarded Jesus as a joke. He jested at Him; he clothed Him in a king's robe as an imitation king. To put it in another way-he refused to take Jesus seriously. He would show Him off to his court as an amusing curiosity, but there his interest stopped. The plain fact is that the vast majority of men still refuse to take Jesus seriously. If they did, they would pay more attention than they do to His words and His claims. (c) There is another possible translation of verse 11, "Herod, with his soldiers behind him, thought that Jesus was of no importance." Herod, secure in his position as king, strong with the power of his bodyguard behind him, believed that this Galilaean carpenter did not matter.
There are still those who, consciously or unconsciously, have come to the conclusion that Jesus does not matter, that he is a factor which can be omitted from life. They gave Him no room in their hearts and no influence in their lives and believe they can easily do without Him. To the Christian, so far from being of no importance, Jesus is the most important person in the universe.
Life Application: Have you met many people who really do think Jesus is not an important person? If so, I trust that you are praying for them. They really need to get to know Him.
Praise/Prayer: Dear Father, I am so thankful got to know Jesus when I was a very young boy. All my life You have made the major decisions and guided me in the choices of schools I attended. What a privilege it has been to know, and trust You. "Great is Your Faithfulness!" Amen!

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