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Banquet of the Kingdom

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 LUKE 14:15-24
Before we leave this passage, we must note that verses 1-24 all have to do with feasts and banquets. It is most significant that Jesus thought of His kingdom and His service in terms of a feast. The symbol of the kingdom was the happiest thing that human life could know. Surely this is the final condemnation of the Christian who is afraid to enjoy himself.
There has always been a type of Christianity which has taken all the color out of life. Julian, a church father, spoke of those "pale-faced, Christians for whom the sun shone, and they never saw it." Swinburne, another church father, slandered Jesus by saying, "Thou hast conquered, O pale Galilean, the world has grown gray from thy breath." Ruskin, another church father, who was brought up in a rigid, and a narrow home, tells how he was given a jumping-jack as a present and a pious aunt took it away from him, saying toys were not for a Christian child. Even so great, and healthy a scholar as A. B. Bruce said that you could not conceive of the child Jesus playing games when He was a boy or smiling when He was a man. W.M. Macgregor, in his Warrack Lectures, speaks with scorn about John Wesley's few mistakes when he was John's teacher. His attitude was this: "He who plays when he is a child will play when he is a man."
We must always remember that Jesus thought of the kingdom in terms of a feast. 'A gloomy Christian' is a contradiction in terms. Locke, the great Philosopher, defined laughter as "a sudden glory." There is no healthy godly pleasure which is forbidden to a Christian, for a Christian is one who is forever at a 'wedding feast'.
Life Application: What do you think Heaven will be like?   Are you ready, and waiting for that wedding feast? If not, get ready right now.
Praise/Prayer: Dear Father, I live in anticipation of joining You, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the host of heaven. Jesus was such a great demonstration of what Heaven must be like. What a day that will be when Heaven calls us home to that glorious wedding feast. Hallelujah! Amen!

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