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Ancient Ceremonies Are Observed

Created: Thursday, 13 December 2018 16:07
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Luke 2:21-24

Jesus underwent three ancient ceremonies that every Jewish baby boy had to undergo.
(1stCircumcision:   Every Jewish boy was circumcised on the eight day after his birth, and on that day the boy received his name.   So sacred was that ceremony that it would be carried out even on a Sabbath when the Law forbade almost every other act which was absolutely essential.
(2ndThe Redemption of the first-born: According to the law (Exodus 13:2), every firstborn male, both of human beings and cattle, was sacred to God. There was a ceremony called the REDEMPTION OF THE FIRST BORN (Numbers 18:16). The redemption price was five pieces of silver. Parents could buy back their son from God. The sum was paid to the priest.
(3rdThe Purification after Childbirth: When a woman gave birth to a boy, she was unclean for 40 days if to a girl, she was unclean for 80 days. She could do her house work, but she could not go to the Temple. At the end of the time, she had to bring to the Temple a lamb for a burnt offering and a young pigeon for a sin offering. If she could not afford the lamb, she might bring another pigeon that was called the offering of the Poor. It was the offering that Mary brought. Again, we see that it was into an ordinary home that Jesus was born.
These three ceremonies are strange old ceremonies; but all three have at the back of them the conviction that a child is a gift of God. Of all God's gifts, there is none for which we shall be so answerable as the gift of a child.
Life Application: Maybe if these laws were still applied today, there would be a different attitude about having children and raising them to know about God. God's laws always had the reason for them. What are your feelings about having children?
Praise/PrayerDear Father, thank You for loving all the babies born all over the world. I know that You would love for the parents to raise their children to know about You, know You and live for You. You placed in my heart a passion for new- born children, and You placed in Esther's heart a passion to see children come to know You and live for You. God have mercy on so many homeless children in our nation and the rest of the world. Amen!

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