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The Rebellion will Occur

Created: Saturday, 06 April 2019 14:13
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"Rebellion" literally means "departure," "falling away," or "abandonment," will occur. In the last days, many within the professing church will depart from Biblical truth.
Both Jesus and Paul paint a dismal picture of the condition of much of the visible church-morally, spiritually and doctrinally-as the present age closes. In particular, Paul stresses that the churches will be invaded by godless elements in the last days.
The "rebellion" within the Church will have two dimensions. 
(1stTheological apostasy is the departure from and rejection of a part or all of the original teachings of Jesus and the apostles. False leaders will offer "salvation" and cheap grace and ignore Jesus' demand for repentance, separation from immorality and loyalty to God and His standards
False gospels centering on human desires and goals of self-interest will become popular. 
(2ndMoral apostasy is the severing of one's saving relationship with Jesus and returning to sin and immorality. Apostates may proclaim right doctrine and New Testament yet abandon God's moral standards. Many churches will tolerate almost anything for the sake of numbers, money, success, and honor. The gospel of the cross with its call to suffer, to radically renounce sin, to sacrifice for God's kingdom and to deny oneself will become rare.
Both the history of the church and the predicted apostasy of the last days warn all believers not to take for granted continual progress of God's kingdom through all ages until the end. At some point in time in the history of the church, rebellion against God and His Word will reach astounding proportions. The day of the Lord will bring God's wrath on those who reject His truth.
The ultimate triumph of God's kingdom and His righteousness in the world, therefore, depends not on the gradual increase of the professing Church's success, but on the final intervention of God when He breaks into the world with righteous judgment. (Read the book of Jude)
Life Application
The Book of Jude is only one chapter long and a call to "Remain Faithful".   That is the most important call today. God's call for the Church to remain faithful is because the deceiver is busy already.
Dear Father, thank you for pouring out the Holy Spirit upon all who are hungry for divine guidance. What a challenging time this is, Father. I know that You know the future, but I need to be led by the Holy Spirit at this time because I don't know what the future holds. I know what the Bible says, and it troubles me. Come, Holy Spirit, and guide me daily. Amen!

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