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Daily Devotion

The Toiler of Christ

To represent the Christian life, Paul has used the picture of the soldier and of the athlete; now he uses the picture of the farmer. It is not the lazy husbandman, but the husbandman who toils, who must be the first to receive the share of the...

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The Athlete of Jesus

2 Timothy 2:5 Paul says that the athlete does not win the crown of victory unless he observes the rules of the contest. There is a very interesting point in the Greek here which is difficult to bring out in translation. The Authorized Version...

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A Gospel Worth Suffering For

2 Timothy 1:8-11 It is the gospel of God's eternal purpose . It was planned before time began. We must never think that once God was stern law and that only since the life and death of Jesus, He has been forgiving love. From the beginning of time,...

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The Inspiring of Timothy

2 Timothy 1:1-7 Paul's object in writing is to inspire and strengthen Timothy for his task in Ephesus. Timothy was young and he had a hard task in battling against the heresies and the infections that were bound to threaten the Church. So, then, in...

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Memories That Inspire

As Timothy is challenged to the task of the future, he is inspired by the memories of the past. (1) He is to remember his baptism and the vows he took there . In the circumstances of the early Church, baptism was adult baptism, for men were coming...

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False Teachers and False Teachings

1 Timothy 6:3-5 The circumstances of life in the ancient world presented the false teacher with an opportunity that he was not slow to take. On the Christian side, the Church was full of wandering prophets, whose very way of life gave them a...

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