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Daily Devotion

The Opposition Intensifies

Luke 5:16-17 -- There are only two verses here; but as we read them, we must pause, for this indeed, is a milestone. The scribes and the Pharisees had arrived on the scene. The opposition which would never be satisfied until it had killed Jesus had...

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Touching the Untouchable

Luke 5:12-15 -- In Israel, there WERE TWO KINDS OF LEPROSY. There was one that was rather like a bad skin disease, and it was the less serious of the two. The other was one in which the disease started from a small spot, ate away the flesh until...

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The Conditions of a Miracle

Luke 5:1-11 -- The famous water in Galilee is called by three names---the Sea of Galilee, the Sea of Tiberias, and the Lake of Gennesaret. It is thirteen miles long, and eight miles wide. It lies in a dip in the earth's surface and is 680 feet...

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The Insistent Crowds

Luke 4:40-44 -- Early in the morning, Jesus went out to be alone. He was able to meet the insistent need of people only because He first companied with His Father God. There is no word of complaint or resentment when Jesus' privacy was invaded by...

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A Miracle in a Cottage

LUKE 4:38-39 -- Here, Luke, the doctor writes. In the grip of a major fever -every word is a medical term. " In the grip of" is the medical Greek for someone definitely laid up with an illness. The Greek m edical writers divided fevers into two...

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The Spirit of an Unclean Devil

Luke 4:31-37 -- I would like to know as much about Capernaum as I do about Nazareth, but the strange fact is that there is even doubt as to the site of this lakeside town where so much of Jesus' mighty works were done. This scripture is especially...

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