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IPMI Announces Establishment of the Trevor Alexander, Snr. Service Award

Feb 19, 2018
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BROOKLYN, NY. October 2017 - One ranking member of the Board of Directors (BoD) of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry International (IPMI), is hoping to highlight the legacy of the late Trevor Newton Alexander, Sr., for years to come.

Trevor AlexanderTrevor AlexanderFor Dr. Robert Parris, a Founding Trustee of IPMI, a service award to, ‘a Christian leader whose life and ministry embodies service to the body of Christ’, would be an appropriate reminder of the elder Alexander’s selfless stewardship during his time with the Brooklyn-based international prayer ministry.

“The award would be presented at a chosen IPMI event, by a member of the Alexander family, under the auspices of IPMI,” offered Dr. Parris at a recent BoD meeting where his proposal was accepted.

Trevor Newton Alexander, Snr., was a member of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry International for more than 15 years, and during this time, he served as Treasurer and later as Corporate Secretary up until the time of his death in May 2017.

He served in those roles with distinction and offered other invaluable services to the organization in pursuit of the organization’s mission of facilitating and fostering the global expansion of God’s Kingdom through the promotion and hosting of various prayer events.

His unquestionable commitment and loyalty to IPMI; his distinguished record of service and his tireless promotion and support of the organization and its work, even during failing health, have left an indelible mark on its mission.

The Trevor Alexander, Snr, Service Award is being established, therefore, in honor of this legacy and will be awarded every two years to a suitably qualified candidate.

In a release from IPMI, October 2018, is being eyed as the date for the first award presentation ceremony. That will depend on the final selection of a nominating committee and a call for nominations, which the organization says, it hopes to complete and have in place by early next year.

Nominations will be invited from the Christian community and must include an excellent record of volunteerism, and a commitment to the support and regular practice of prayer as a vital part of the church’s mission. This commitment should be evident through the nominee’s direct involvement in prayer-related efforts, programs or initiatives for a reasonable period, demonstrating a worthwhile contribution to the work of prayer locally or internationally, as well as the support of IPMI’s global mission.  

In establishing the Trevor Alexander, Snr., Service Award, the members of the IPMI Board are fully confident that the award will fulfill its intended purpose. 

According to Rev. Newton  Gabbidon, Board Chair and President of IPMI, "the award will  serve not only to honor Trevor's legacy through inspired leadership and selfless service to the Kingdom of God, but it will also serve to enhance IPMI’s mission to bring spiritual healing and transformation to nations around the world through the recruitment to its ranks of other committed leaders like Trevor Alexander."


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