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At this, the start of another year of ministry, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and partners for their prayers and financial support during 2018. While we know that God is our ultimate source, we are also aware that He often provides for his work through willing and yielded channels.  We therefore deeply appreciate everyone who chose to stand with us during the year. 


2018 Ministry Report

As we reflect on what we were able to achieve as a result of the wonderful support of our friends and partners, we are very pleased to share with you this brief ministry report for 2018. 

On May 19, IPMI hosted the Eleventh Annual Pastors’ and Leaders’ Prayer Symposium in New York City with guest speaker Dr. David Bryant, a leading scholar and expert on spiritual revival.  Seventy-five pastors and leaders from across the tristate attended the Symposium and received a free copy of Dr. Bryant’s latest book, Christ is Now, and other free resources to strengthen their prayer lives and facilitate prayer in their congregations.

We hosted the Twenty-second Annual Prayer Breakfast in New York City, with guest speaker Bishop Joseph Garlington on June 17.  Approximately two hundred believers of various denominations from across the tristate attended the Breakfast.  In addition to catalyzing spiritual revival among participating churches in the region, the Prayer Breakfast has facilitated a powerful time of prayer for the nations over the years.

IPMI collaborated with members of the clergy and the Jamaica Overseas Missions in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to host the Fourteenth Annual Jamaica Diaspora Day of Prayer and Fasting (JDOP) on August 1.  Since its inception, thousands of Jamaican Christians from scores of congregations in these regions have participated in this annual day of fasting and prayer for spiritual renewal and transformation in their homeland.  The initiative has also helped to raise much-needed funds to assist two Jamaican charities that work with at-risk youth from the inner city communities on the island.           

The twenty-second Annual 21 Days Prayer and Fasting climaxed with the hosting of another powerful Global Prayer Summit on October 13 that attracted a group of local and international prayer leaders to New York City.  In addition to some great presentations from conference speakers, including Rev. Mary Glazier (Alaska); Bishop C. B. Peter Morgan (Jamaica); Dr. Joseph Campbell (Missouri), attendees had the opportunity to participate in a few powerful times of intercession for revival in the US and the various challenges facing nations around the world.

During 2018, IPMI was also busy promoting united prayer for revival for world evangelization and the healing and transformation of nations through the hosting of three monthly global prayer calls. Christians leaders from nine nations, including the US, facilitated these thirty-six global prayer calls.  IPMI also launched a new state of the art website and a special project to develop further the Schools of Prayer Program to enable IPMI to extend this great ministry resource on a much larger scale to churches locally and internationally.  The project will result in the development of a curriculum for the schools of prayer and the publication of a series of books on prayer over the next two and a half years, depending on the availability of funds.  This was, indeed, a wonderful year of ministry.   

Extending An Invitation to you to join us in 2019 

we are pleased to extend another invitation to you to join us for some great meetings, events, and ministry activities we have lined up during the year.  With your support, we are confident that IPMI will be able to accomplish even more in 2019 to facilitate the advancement of the Kingdom of God around the world, through the various programs and ministry activities that IPMI will pursue during the year. 

How can you support us during 2019? 

(i) Join us for some great opportunities to participate in a number of powerful prayer meetings and conferences during the year in support of revival for the evangelization healing and transformation of nations. click here to view our 2019 calendar.

(ii) Partner with us financially to enable us to do the following projects:

  • Completion of the schools of Prayer Project, resulting in the publication of a series of books and other training material.  The first book is expected to be completed during 2019 from the school of prayer project
  • Further development of IPMI’s website to include IPMI TV, a new innovation utilizing the latest video technology for live streaming and for viewing ministry videos online on demand.  This new innovation will greatly enhance our capacity to better serve our partners and further facilitate the expansion of the ministry of IPMI around the world in support of revival for the evangelization, healing, and transformation of nations.

To help us meet these costs we are seeking to raise an additional $10,000 during the year.

If you are an IPMI partner, please consider donating an additional amount beyond your regular contributions to help us fund these projects.  If you are not a partner, we invite you to prayerfully consider becoming one today to help support IPMI on a regular basis or just make a one-time donation to help us fund the 2019 ministry budget.  

We look forward to your support during 2019.  


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