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Prayer and the Activity of Angels

There is much talk today about the activity of angels. There are television shows and movies depicting angels in various roles. These roles may or may not be biblical. This article will seek to highlight from the Scriptures some of the roles that...

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Prayer, The Preacher and Revival

A number of church historians have marveled at the eighteenth century Great Awakening in England and America, which swept hundreds of thousands into God’s kingdom. Many of these historians have focused their attention primarily on John Wesley, and...

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God's Youngest Warriors

FORGET "NOW I LAY me down to sleep." A new breed of praying children - righteous seed - has emerged on the world scene. World Christians. I call them "World Shapers. "FORGET, TOO, THEIR so-called limited attention span. Their anointed, red-hot...

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Hindrances to Answered Prayers

All Christians, and especially intercessors, are concerned with getting positive answers to their prayers. The Bible gives us clear guidelines which, when followed, guarantee that God will respond favorably to our prayers. Some of these guidelines...

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