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Daily Devotion

That on Which to Set the Heart

1 Peter 2:1-3 But there is something on which Christians must set their hearts. They must yearn for the unadulterated milk of the word. This is a phrase about whose meaning there is some difficulty. The difficulty is with the word logikos which...

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The Secret of Endurance

1 PETER:6-7 Peter comes to the actual situation in life that his readers found themselves in. Their Christianity had always made them unpopular, but now they were facing almost certain persecution. Soon the storm was going to break, and life was...

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The Great Inheritance

1 PETER 1:3-5 The Christian has entered into a great inheritance. Here is a word with a great history, for it is regularly used in the Greek Old Testament for the inheritance of Canaan, the promised Land. Again and again, the Old Testament speaks...

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True Worship

JAMES 1:26-27 We must be careful to understand what James is saying here. The Revised Standard Version translates the phrases at the beginning of verse 27: "Religion that is pure and undefiled is..." The word that is translated religion is...

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Last Words and Greetings

A Roman trial began with a preliminary examination to formulate the precise charge against the prisoner. When Paul was brought to that preliminary examination, not one of his friends stood by him. It was too dangerous to proclaim oneself the friend...

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Times of Terror

2 Timothy 3:1 The early Church lived in an age when the time was waxing late; they expected the Second Coming at any moment. Christianity was cradled in Judaism and very naturally thought largely in Jewish terms and pictures. Jewish thought had one...

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