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Daily Devotion

The New Idea

Luke 5:36-39 -- There is in religious people a kind of passion for the old. Nothing moves more slowly than a church. The trouble with the Pharisees was that the whole religious outlook of Jesus was so startlingly new that they simply could not...

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The Happy Comapny

Luke 5:33-35 -- What amazed, and shocked the scribes, and the Pharisees was the normality of the followers of Jesus. The orthodox Jews had an idea-not yet altogether dead-that a person was not being religious unless they were being uncomfortable....

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The Guest of An Outcast

Luke 5:27-32 -- Here, we have the call of Matthew. Of all people in Israel, the tax collectors were the most hated. Israel was a country subject to the Romans; tax collectors had taken service under the Roman government; therefore, they were...

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Forgiven and be Healed

Luke 5:18-26 -- We have a vivid story here. Jesus was in a house teaching. The houses of Israel were flat-roofed and had the slightest tilt to make the rain runoff. What does this passage about forgiving sins mean? We must remember that sin and...

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The Opposition Intensifies

Luke 5:16-17 -- There are only two verses here; but as we read them, we must pause, for this indeed, is a milestone. The scribes and the Pharisees had arrived on the scene. The opposition which would never be satisfied until it had killed Jesus had...

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Touching the Untouchable

Luke 5:12-15 -- In Israel, there WERE TWO KINDS OF LEPROSY. There was one that was rather like a bad skin disease, and it was the less serious of the two. The other was one in which the disease started from a small spot, ate away the flesh until...

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