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Daily Devotion

A Gospel Worth Suffering For

Created: Thursday, 23 May 2019 09:34
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 2 Timothy 1:8-11
It is the gospel of God's eternal purpose. It was planned before time began. We must never think that once God was stern law and that only since the life and death of Jesus, He has been forgiving love. From the beginning of time, God's love has been to search for people, and His grace and forgiveness have been offered to them.
Love is the essence of the eternal nature of God.
It is the gospel of life and immortality. It is Paul's conviction that Christ Jesus brought life and in corruption to light. The ancient world feared death, or if it did not fear it, regarded it as extinction. It was the message of Jesus that death was the way to life, and that so far from separating men from God, it brought people into His nearer presence.
It is the gospel of service. It was this gospel that made Paul a herald, an apostle, and a teacher of the faith. It did not leave him comfortably feeling that now his own soul was saved, and he did not need to worry anymore. It laid on him the inescapable task of wearing himself out in the service of God and his fellow men.
It made him an apostle, Apostolos, literally one who is sent out. The word can mean an envoy or an ambassador. The Apostolos did not speak for himself, but for him who sent him. He did not come in his own authority, but in the authority of him who sent him. The Christian is the ambassador of Jesus, come to speak for him and to represent him to mankind.
Life Application
Did you ever imagine that you would represent Jesus to the people you are with? Do you use the power that God has made available to set the people you meet free from the bondage of death?
"Hallelujah what a thought that Jesus' full salvation brought!" Thank You, Father, for making available to us the power of the Holy Spirit so we can accomplish all that You desire we do while on earth. It is so exciting to represent You to people in our world. Jesus is so alive and ready to meet all the needs of people.  What a great loving Father You are. Amen!

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