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A Christian Welcome

Jun 19, 2020
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Today's Bible Passage 


Beyond doubt, Ananias is one of the forgotten heroes of the Christian Church. If it is true that the Church owes Paul to the prayer of Stephen, it is also true that the Church owes Paul to the brotherliness of Ananias.
To Ananias came a message from God that he must go and help Paul; he is directed to the street called “Straight.” This was a great street that ran straight from the east to the west of Damascus. When the message came to Ananias, it must have sounded mad to him. He might well have approached Paul with suspicion, as one doing an unpleasant task; he might well have begun with recriminations; but no; his first words were, “Brother Saul.”
What a welcome was there! It is one of the sublimest examples of Christian love. That is what Jesus can produce. In Christ, Paul and Ananias, the men who had been the bitterest enemies, came together as brothers.

Life Application

If God had chosen you, do you think you could have acted like Ananias when he greeted Saul? Is there a Saul in your life? Learn from Ananias.

Praise and Prayer

My dear Father, I am so thankful for Your love that is shown in so many different ways. 
But the love that is shown from Ananias to Paul is so wonderful. It brought them together and it shows me that it is Your desire for Your children.
Father, I am so thankful for this scripture that tells me how much You love Your children and how You protect us. Please forgive me for any wrong choices I may have made and guide me for the rest of my life. I want to please You by doing what You ask of me.

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