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18-year-old daughter with severe emotional disregulation, and now turning to drugs and alcohol. Needs healing through Jesus!

Deb Esling and 5 others have joined the group Emotional and Physical Healing 21 hours 17 minutes ago

Sister Nancy has a flare-up of arthritis in her back and her shoulder. She is in extreme pain. She went to Emergency, urgent care, and follow-up... Show more

Woman diagnosed with enlarged heart, afraid of losing her job, believes she is a victim of witchcraft.

Pray for a young man who complains that his boss is treating him unfairly on his job. This young man is not a Christian.

Three high school graduates looking forward to attending college in September. Not saved, pray please for their salvation.

Widow, 50 years old deep in mourning, etc. unsaved, accepts prayer and reading inspirational literature but for some reason resistant to attending... Show more

judith alexander and 3 others have joined the group Personal or Family Salvation 3 weeks ago

young lady in deep financial dilemma facing potential homelessness needs to accept the Lord and trust him to rescue. It is hard to reach this person... Show more

judith alexander and 5 others have joined the group Financial Provision 3 weeks ago

Cynthia A former full Time Bible teacher etc. now retired. Women are constantly approaching her on the street requesting her prayers. She has... Show more

Judith had vascular test (sonogram of legs/ blood pressure) a couple of days ago. Shows that left leg has only 60 percent blood supply. In danger of... Show more

judith alexander and 4 others have joined the group General Prayer Requests 3 weeks ago
Kathy and 4 others have joined the group Employment Issues 3 weeks ago

Please join in prayer regarding the following requests for Miriam: Divine protection, provision of clothes, books, including a Dake Bible and... Show more

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