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77 year old veteran missionary feeling alone and somewhat depressed. Please pray about this loneliness. Attending a church where there are no young... Show more

young lady had a stroke. Recovered but is experiencing lapses in terms of speech, balance and coordination. Medical evaluation shows no definitive... Show more

Please pray for 80 year old believer due to have knee replacement surgery in June.

Pray for Ken. With God's help be free from porn addiction.

Pray for N. S., a fellow believer from Lebanon, in serious need of employment in order to meet her needs.

Pray for Helly urgently seeking a job to enable him to pay his debts including outstanding credit card payments of $1000.

Please pray for EJ. He's in the hospital in a coma. He has a long-standing heart condition & his pacemaker went "beserk" on last Sunday. The pace... Show more

Pray for Marie, who is seeking a financial breakthrough for Bridget, Chyla, Akil, Eric, Khalli and herself. 

His 23-year old has had liver failure and is still alive as of now. Her bilirubin was 440 and it is now 114. Her jaundice is gone, her itching is... Show more

A lady had a car accident and is now in a wheelchair. Her father died in Jamaica. This Wednesday she has to go to Jamaica to bury him. She is... Show more

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