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“Exalting the Lord, our Mighty Fortress, in the Nations”

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Rev. Newton Gabbidon Rev. Newton Gabbidon Although we fell short of the ambitious goals set by the Planning Committee of attracting 400 – 500 participants from 50 countries, including those whose native languages are Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Hindi, it is reasonable to declare that Global Prayer Summit 2022 (GPS2022) was a grand success based on the numerous comments we received from participants.  This report provides a brief overview of important Highlights of the Summit, held on Zoom on Saturday, October 15, between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EDT. 


Global Scope and Participation of Christian Leaders 


Over 300 persons from 32 countries participated in GPS2022.  Included were persons that spoke French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Hindi.  


One interesting observation regarding participants worth noting is that most of the major geographical regions of the world were represented at this premier Summit, with the highest number coming from North America (28.7%), followed by the Caribbean (24.2%), Asia (20.4%), Africa (17.5%), South and Central America (8.3%), and Europe (less than 1%).


Another interesting observation about these participants worth mentioning is the significant number that represented leaders of churches, ministries, and Christian non-profit organizations involved in global missions. 


Here are just a few of the interesting comments we received from some of these leaders:      

Yvonne I. Osbourne of Missionary Acts of Grace: Word Vision Children’s Ministry in Jamaica noted, “Thanks for the opportunity of being a part of such a Rich gathering of Saints willing to take the time to intercede on behalf of others’ needs. God bless you abundantly!”

Rev. Dr. Leroy Richards, Senior Pastor of First Church of the Nazarene in New York City, wrote, “Congratulations on hosting a successful Prayer Summit!  Now may the grace of God make the difference All Over the World.”

Selina Lin, M.D., A board member of Interserve, wrote, “I just wanted to take this time to let you know that yesterday's global prayer summit was an incredible blessing to me.  I appreciate the monumental work you and your team did to gather the saints to engage in spiritual warfare.  As a board member of Interserve, an organization that sends workers to the unreached areas of the world, I am grateful to the Intercessory Prayer Ministry for their engagement in praying for God's name to be proclaimed throughout the nations….” 

Rev. Pablo Vargas, Mexico Director of the UK-based (CSW) Christian Solidarity Worldwide, wrote, “Thank you so much for the big effort that everyone made to make this happen, it was a privilege to share this time with all of you.”

Rev. Paresh Halder, of (TEA) Transform East Alliance of South East Asia, based in India, who brought a delegation of twenty pastors and leaders from TEA to the Summit, said, “Our leaders were greatly blessed to participate in the Summit to share in the rich and powerful expression of unity in keeping with Jesus’ prayer recorded in John 17:21: ‘that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.’”


The high level of participation in GPS2022 of Christian leaders representing various churches and Christian organizations  from around the world is the result of the combination of many factors:  

  • Our great panel of keynote speakers, including Dr. David Bryant, world-renowned writer and scholar on prayer and Christology, and Dr. Mac Pier, whose tireless work in global mission is spawning a worldwide movement for spiritual revival and transformation in nations around the world through the evangelization of cities; Bishop Joseph Garlington, internationally recognized Bible teacher, who, for over five decades, has been at the forefront of the racial healing and reconciliation movement here in the USA; Bishop C. B. Peter Morgan, a central figure in the Charismatic Renewal that impacted the Caribbean region during the mid-1970s and 1980s and whose ministry led to the emergence of a group of churches and a new generation of Christian leaders focused on the advancement of the Kingdom of God in various spheres.
  • Our great team of Conveners representing various Christian organizations and networks, locally and internationally, worked selflessly to engage participants from various world regions.
  • Our generous partners from IPMI contributed over 90% of the budget, enabling us to provide full sponsorship to most of our overseas delegates.  
  • Rev. Dennis Dillon of the Christian Times provided a great marketing plan.
  • The growth of IPMI’s influence as a global ministry in intercession.


Key Highlights 


IPMI and the Planning Committee also received high marks on hosting the Summit from participants based on the high quality of the delivered program.  Comments from several participants highlighted prominently the inspiring and relevant messages delivered by Summit Speakers based on the theme, “Exalting the Lord, our Mighty Fortress, in the Nations” and an excellent panel discussion led by Planning Committee member Mary Tome of (ENI) Esther Network International and a distinguished group of panelists consisting of Attorney at Law and Former Jamaica Minister of Government Sharon Abrahams, Toronto High School Principal Catherine Morgan-Dume, Mexico CSW Director Pablo Vargas, United Kingdom Pastor and Medical Doctor Alan Beavis and California’s pastor Torrian Scott. 


Dr. Bryant spoke on Exalting Christ in the Nations, focusing on the Supremacy of Christ and His Lordship over the nations.   Dr. Mac Pier spoke on, Exalting the Word of the Lord in the Nations, focusing on the dire need of the over 1 billion "bibleless" peoples, particularly from Asia, inhabited by approximately 5 billion of earth’s seven billion peoples. Bishop Garlington spoke on Exalting the Holy Spirit in the Nations, focusing on the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the Church in glorifying Christ and disciplining the nations through the worldwide advancement of the Gospel. Bishop Morgan spoke on Exalting the Kingdom of God in the Nations, focusing on God’s divine strategies in advancing His Kingdom in the Nations, including intercession.  Critical to these four messages from these experienced and humble servants was the call to urgent prayer and action in exalting the Lord in the nations.    


The Panel Discussion Theme was “Let Faith Arise!” Panelists focused on The Condition of Children, Youth, and Families, The Condition of Nations about Politics and Religious Freedom, The Condition of the Persecuted Church, and The Condition of Pastors and the Global Church (especially post-Covid,). Our Panelists brought words of encouragement and advice that were relevant to the major prayer concerns? of our participants.


Other highlights from the Summit that impressed participants included two very interesting reports by Rev. Peter Kegode from Kenya on Africa, and Bishop Reford Mott, an NYC pastor, on the work of the Church in Lebanon.  Rev. Kegode’s presentation highlighted some of the major challenges facing the continent and powerful testimonies of amazing answers to prayer, demonstrating that God was sovereignly at work on the Continent, achieving His purposes despite the many challenges facing the various nations. These include terrorism, war, and tribal conflicts.  Bishop Reford Mott’s report, which was based on his recent trip to the Middle East with a group of leaders from Christ’s Covenant Coalition, a US-based Christian network, highlighted the resilience of the church in Lebanon. This tenacity is apparent despite the huge obstacles facing the Church in the Middle East, such as war, persecution, and economic hardships that have led to a mass exodus of Christians from the Middle East over the past three decades.  


The significant high point of the day’s event that caught the attention of most participants was the high quality and intensity of the five prayer sessions with agendas of relevance to the interest and needs of participants.  The agendas of the first four fifteen-minute prayer sessions were each based on the four major topics addressed by our main speakers and allowed participants to pray about critical issues highlighted in these messages.  The agenda of the fifth session of prayer featured six major global concerns - food insecurity, persecution, healthcare, education, corruption, and human trafficking. These sessions of prayer, facilitated by leaders from various nations, also allowed for the full participation of attendees in these well-defined times of prayer. 


Major Challenges 


Hosting Global Prayer Summit 2022 was not without a few major challenges, of course.  One of these major challenges, which we underestimated at the start of the planning of the Summit, was offering the Summit in the four major foreign languages.  The Lord, however, provided us with a great team of interpreters led by Sandra Hamilton, a lecturer in the Department of Linguistics at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. As a professional interpreter, Sandra’s years of experience helped us to overcome most of the difficulties related to this part of the hosting of the Summit.


The other major challenge we faced with hosting GPS2022, particularly at the start of the event, was technical.  The challenge was, however, resolved, thanks to our competent and professional technical team of Donnell Hollness and Francine Palmer.


Concluding Thoughts


It is our sincere prayer here at IPMI that the rich spiritual experience we all encountered at the GPS2022, evidenced by such powerful times of prayer, will help to ignite a movement of prayer for spiritual revival in our respective churches for the advancement of God’s Kingdom and the healing and transformation of the nations. 


On behalf of the Planning Committee, let me use this opportunity to thank all who so generously contributed to the huge success of GPS2022.


Rev. Newton Gabbidon

GPS2022 Host

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