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Revival, The Hope of the Nations

Oct 14, 2011
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We are excited about the opportunities God has given us through this ministry to bring the influence of His Kingdom to bear on this world through the amazing power of intercession.

A Letter from Newton Gabbidon, IPMI's Founder and President.

Rev. Newton Gabbidon

The world is becoming increasingly more violent and hostile with each passing day and unfortunately, this is a reality that confronts us all as no matter where in the world we live today we face the possibility of becoming the victims of violent crimes, terrorism, war or even natural disasters like Katrina.

The horrendous terrorist attack that took place here in America on September 11, 2001; the bombs that exploded on a London double-decker bus and in sections of the city's busy subway in the early morning of July 7, 2006 that killed dozens and wounded hundreds; the Sudanese genocide that has claimed more than 400,000 lives while forcing another 2.5 million more to flee their homes, and the famine in nations in Africa like Niger, a nation on the brink of disaster, where 2.9 million face starvation are but few examples of the types of danger confronting us in a tumultuous world. When we add to these the enormous suffering that the recent natural disasters that devastated nations in Asia, the Caribbean and parts of the United States has inflicted upon these populations, we realize just how grave the situation facing the nations of the world is; and the sad reality is that the situation could get even worse.

Whether we are talking about the terrorists' hate for America or the UK, religious intolerance in Sudan, the idolatrous practices of the people of Niger or the pollution of the environment by the major industrialized nations, fueling the controversial debate about global warming, being blamed for the cause of such violent hurricanes as Katrina, we need to recognize that sin is at the very heart of the crisis facing our troubled world and that the gospel of Jesus Christ remains the only solution to this crisis.

One important key to this solution is a revival of the kind that impacted Western Civilization in the mid-eighteenth century. That revival brought hope to the nations as God poured out His Spirit on His people, and the nations embraced the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. The revival changed the moral course of nations, swept multitudes into the kingdom in a brief time, and healed social ills of decadent societies. The effects of this revival could still be felt in subsequent generations.

Prayer was the key to that revival and prayer is still the key to any revival that we will experience today. Prayer is the provision that God has made available to His people to bring the influence of His Kingdom to bear on the affairs of the nations. That is the reason God has called the church to be the house of prayer for the nations. It is as the church responds today to this call to pray that communities, cities, and nations that are over-run by hatred, religious intolerance, lawlessness, crime and violence will experience the powerful effect of the Gospel as God pours out His Spirit upon the nations and they experience revival.

I believe that one of the major reasons this ministry exists is to encourage individuals to pray everywhere we get the opportunity to share this vision. If you are a partner thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you through this vital ministry.  As you continue participating with us in the days ahead, please consider inviting others to join this important prayer effort aimed at fueling the flames of global revival. If you are just checking us out then let me take this opportunity to thank you for visiting the site. We trust that you find the experience worthwhile.


Newton Gabbidon

Founder & President

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