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The Man Who Never Forgot His Fellow Countrymen

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ACTS 7:17-36 
Next upon the scene comes the figure of Moses. For the Jews, Moses was above all the men who answered God's command to go out.  He was quite literally the man who gave up a kingdom to answer God's summons to be the leader of His people. The Bible story has little to tell us of the early days of Moses, but the Jewish historians had much more to say. According to Josephus, Moses was such a beautiful child that when he was carried down the street in his nurse's arms, people stopped to look at him. He was so brilliant a lad that he surpassed all others in the speed and the eagerness in learning. One day Pharaoh's daughter took him to her father and asked him to make him his successor on the throne of Egypt. Pharaoh agreed. Then, the tale goes on. Pharaoh took his crown and jestingly placed it on Moses' head, but the child snatched it off and threw it on the ground. One of the Egyptian wise men standing by said that this was a sign that if this child was not killed at once, he was destined to bring disaster on the crown of Egypt. But Pharaoh's daughter snatched Moses into her arms and persuaded her father not to heed the warning. When Moses grew up, he became the greatest of Egyptian generals and led a victorious campaign in far-off Ethiopia where he married the princess of the land.
In face of that, we can see what Moses gave up. He actually gave up a kingdom in order to lead his people out into the desert on a great adventure for God. So once again Stephen is making the same point. The great man is not the man who, like the Jews, is thrilled about the past and jealous of his privileges; he is the man who is ready to answer God's call and leave the comfort and ease he might have had.
Life Application:  Are you ready to answer God's call to win people to Jesus?  Life can be what you make it, but if you listen to God's call you will be victorious.  A winner on earth and in heaven!

Praise/Prayer:  Dear Father, how thrilling it is to read about the people You choose and how they accomplish the great things You choose for them to do.  I want to be one who accomplishes Your calling and purpose for my life.  Please forgive my shortcomings and the times I didn't live up to Your purpose.  Thank You for Your love.  Amen!        

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