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The Last Meal Together

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 LUKE 22:7-23
Once again Jesus did not leave things until the last moment; His plans were already made. The better class houses had two rooms. One room was on top of the other. The upper room was reached by an outside stairway. During the Passover, all lodging in Jerusalem was free. Jesus had taken steps to secure an upper room and to arrange a signal to be followed. He sent Peter, and John into the city to look for a man carrying a jar of water. Since to carry water was a woman's job, a man carrying a jar of water would be easy to find and follow.
So, the feast went on. Jesus used the ancient symbols but gave them a new meaning.
(1st) He said of the bread, "This is my body." Herein is exactly what we mean by a sacrament. A sacrament is something, usually a very ordinary thing, which has acquired a meaning far beyond itself for him who has eyes to see, and a heart to understand.
The bread that we eat at the sacrament is common bread, but for him who has a heart to feel, and understand it is the very body of Jesus.
(2nd) He said of the cup, "This cup is the new covenant made at the price of my blood." In the biblical sense, a covenant is a relationship between man and God. God graciously approached man, and man promised to obey and to keep His law. Man's sin interrupts the relationship between man, and God. Jesus said-"By my life, and my death I have made possible a new relationship between man, and God.
(3rd) Jesus said, "Do this, and it will make you remember me." Jesus knew how easily the human mind forgets. Jesus was saying, "In the rush, and press of things you will forget me. Man forgets, because he must, and not because he will. Come in sometimes to the peace, and stillness of my house, and do this again with my people-and you will remember."
It made the tragedy even more tragic that at the very table there was one who was a traitor. Jesus has at every communion table those who betray Him if in His house we pledge ourselves to Him, and then by our lives go out to deny Him, we, too, are traitors to Him.

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