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The Jews Blackmail of Pilate

Created: Monday, 02 July 2018 14:09
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This is an amazing passage. One thing is crystal clear-Pilate did not want to condemn Jesus. He was well aware that to do so would be to betray that impartial justice that was the glory of Rome. He made no fewer than four attempts to avoid passing sentence of condemnation. He told the Jews to settle the matter themselves (John 19:6-7). He tried to refer the whole case to Herod. He tried to persuade the Jews to receive Jesus as the prisoner granted release at Passover time (Mark 15:6). He tried to effect a compromise, saying he would scourge Jesus and then release Him. It is plain that Pilate was coerced into sentencing Jesus to death.
How could a Jewish mob coerce an experienced Roman governor into sentencing Jesus to death? It is literally true that the Jews blackmailed Pilate. The basic fact is that under impartial Roman justice, any province had the right to report a governor to Rome for misgovernment, and such a governor would be severely dealt with. Pilate had made two grave mistakes in his government of Israel. 
In Judaea, the Roman headquarters were in Caesarea and not in Jerusalem. But in Jerusalem, a certain number of troops were quartered. Roman troops carried standards which were topped by a little bust figure of the reigning emperor. The emperor was at this time officially a god. The Jewish law forbade any graven image, and in deference to Jewish principles, previous governors had always removed the imperial images before marching their troops into Jerusalem. Pilate refused to do so; he marched his soldiers in by night with the imperial image on their standards. The Jews came in crowds to Caesarea to request Pilate to remove the images. He refused.
Life Application:
How do you cope with someone coming into our area with a symbol of the devil? Do you exercise the power of the  Holy Spirit to take authority over the devil that is brought into your presence or do you just tolerate it?
 Dear Father, I am so thankful for the power that You have given to Your children. We need not be afraid of the devil, Hallelujah! Your promise is that He that is in us is greater than the devil. I am so thankful that when the devil tries to intimidate Your children, we can rise up in the power of Your name and the devil flees. Thank You for giving Your children the power of Your Name. PRAISE GOD! AMEN!  

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