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ACTS 10:34- 43
It is clear that we have here the barest summary of what Peter said to Cornelius, which makes it all the more important because it gives us the very essence of the first preaching about Jesus.
(1stJesus was sent by God and equipped by Him with the Spirit and with power. Jesus, therefore, is God's gift to all mankind. The early preachers preached that the coming of Jesus was due to the love of God.
(2NDJesus demonstrated a ministry of healing. It was His great desire to banish pain and sorrow from the world.
(3rdThey crucified Him. Once again there is stressed for him who can read between the lines the sheer horror in the crucifixion. That is what human sin can do.
(4thHe rose again. The power that was in Jesus was not to be defeated. It could conquer the worse that men could do, and, in the end, it could conquer death.
(5thThe Christian preacher and teacher is a witness of the resurrection. To him, Jesus is not a figure in a book or about whom he has heard. He is a living presence whom he has met. (6thThe result of all this is forgiveness of sins and a new relationship with God. Through Jesus, the friendship which should always have existed between man and God, but which sin interrupted, has dawned upon mankind.
Life Application:  Is this the GOSPEL that you believe? And is this the message you share with an unbeliever? If this is what you believe and share, there will be great results.

Praise/Prayer: Dear Father! I am so thankful that the people that witnessed to my Father were complete and directed him to the church that preached this full and complete doctrine. As a result, my whole family was saved and reached out to the extended family. Now, as an older man, I can look back to a life lived for Jesus. Amen!

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