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Sunset Road that Turned to Dawn

Created: Friday, 13 July 2018 19:47
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This is another of the immortal short stories of the world!
(1st) It tells of two men who were walking towards the sunset. It has been suggested that this is the very reason why they did not recognize Jesus. Emmaus was west of Jerusalem. The sun was sinking, and the setting sun so dazzled them that they did not know their Lord was walking with them. It is true that the Christian is a person who walks toward the sunrise and not the sunset. That is what was in their sorrow and disappointment that the two on the Emmaus road did not realize.  
(2nd) It tells us the ability of Jesus to make sense of things. The whole situation seemed to these two men to have no explanation. There hopes and dreams were shattered. "We were hoping that he was the one who was going to rescue Israel. They were the words of men whose hopes were dead and buried. Then, Jesus came and talked with them, and the meaning of life became clear and the darkness became light.
It is only in Jesus that even in the bewildering times, we learn what life means.
(3rd) It tells how He was known to them in the breaking of bread. It was an ordinary meal in an ordinary house, when an ordinary loaf of bread was being divided, that these men recognized Jesus.  
It is not only at the communion table that we can be with Jesus; we can be with Him at the dinner table also. HE IS NOT ONLY THE HOST IN CHURCH, HE IS THE GUEST IN EVERY HOME. The Christian lives always and everywhere in a Jesus-filled world.
Life Application:  The Christian message is never fully ours until we have shared it with someone else. You can use the dinner table as the place to share Jesus with someone.  
Praise/Prayer:   Dear Father, how wonderful it is to have You be with me at this time. Having communion with You, is such a blessing, as I begin my day. Your presence is so awesome and refreshing. What a wonderful experience it is, being in Your presence. Thank you. Amen!

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