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Strife Among Disciples of Jesus

Created: Wednesday, 20 June 2018 14:22
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 LUKE 22:24-30
It is one of the most poignantly tragic things in the gospel story that the disciples could quarrel about the priority of importance in the very shadow of the cross. The disciples had been quarreling about where they were to sit, for they had not yet rid themselves of the idea of an earthly kingdom. Jesus had told them bluntly that the standards of His kingdom were not the standards of this world. Jesus said, "It is not the king but the servant who obtains that title in my kingdom."
1st What the world needs is service. The odd thing is that the business world knows this. The strange thing is that there is more argument about priority and about people's places in the church.
2ndIt is only the person who will consent to serve more than anyone else who will rise high. It is a law of life that service leads to greatness; the higher a person rises, the greater the servant he must be.
3rdWe can found our life either on giving or on getting; but the plain fact is that if we found it on getting we shall miss both the friendship of man and the reward of God, for no one ever loved a man who was always out for himself.
(4thJesus finished His warning by promising His disciples that those who would stand by Him through thick and thin would in the end reign with Him. God will be in no person's debt. Those who have shared in the bearing of Jesus' cross will someday share in the wearing of His crown.
Life Application: Are you willing to be a servant of Jesus on earth? The reward is to wear a crown in Heaven, His Father's kingdom. In church, there is always the need for people to be willing to teach a class; be on the worship team; be an usher, help in the kitchen...the list goes on. Are you willing to be a Jesus kind of servant?
Praise/Prayer: Dear Father, thank You for parents who taught me to be a servant of the King of Kings. There is such joy in being a Your servant and just watching people's reaction to someone offering assistance.   One never knows just what privileges are waiting for me. Thank You, Father, for the privileges to serve You and all the others You bring into my life. Amen!

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