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SCRIPTURE: Acts 2:37-41
We will be continuing our journey through the book of the acts of the apostles. There is so much to learn from this book of the new church and the new testament. The contributing writers are having new experiences of all kinds. Perhaps you will have some new experiences in your relationship with the writer but also with the source of inspiration, God!
 This passage shows with crystal clarity the effect of the Cross. When men realized just what they had done in crucifying Jesus, their hearts were broken. Jesus said, "I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself" (John 12:32). Every man has had a hand in that crime. The Cross, when we understand what happened there, must pierce the heart. 

That experience demands a reaction from people. "Repent," said Peter, "first and foremost." What does repentance mean? The word originally meant an afterthought. Often a second thought shows that the first thought was wrong, but if a person is honest, a change of mind demands a change of action. True repentance involves a change of mind and a change of action. When repentance comes, something happens to the past. There is God's forgiveness for what lies behind, but the consequences of sins are not wiped out. Forgiveness does not abolish the consequences of what we have done, but it puts us right with God.

When repentance comes, something happens for the future. When receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, His power enables us to win battles we never thought possible to win and to resist things that by ourselves we would have been powerless to resist.
Life Application:  What happened to you when you accepted Jesus as your Savior?  Did you discover a whole different mindset?  The longer you walk with Him the more you will love Him.

Praise/Prayer: Father, I am so thankful for the blood of Jesus that washes my sins away and gives me a start on a whole new life.  You have been so loving and kind since I have accepted Jesus so many years ago.  This new life that started when I repented, has given me a whole desire for life because I have a new hope and joy.   

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