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Peter Meets Cornelius

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ACTS 10:17-33
The most surprising things are happening in this chapter. Once again, remember that the Jews believed that other nations were outside the mercy of God. The really strict Jew would have no contact with a Gentile or even with a Jew who did not observe the Law. In particular, he would never have as a guest nor ever be the guest of a man who did not observe the Law. Remembering that, see what Peter did. When the men Cornelius sent were at the door---and knowing the Jewish outlook, they came no farther than the door---Peter asked them to come in. When Peter arrived at Caesarea, Cornelius met them at the door, no doubt wondering if Peter would cross his threshold at all, and Peter came in.  In the most amazing way, the barriers are beginning to go down. That is typical of the work of Jesus.
A missionary tells how once he officiated at a communion service in Africa. Beside him, as an elder, sat an old chief of the Ngoni called Manlyheart. The old chief could remember the days when the young warriors of the Ngoni had left behind them a trail of burned and destroyed towns and came home with their spears red with blood and with the women of their enemies as booty. What were the tribes which in those days they had ravaged? They were the Senga and the Tumbuka. And who were sitting at that communion service now? Ngoni, Senga, and Tumbuka were sitting side by side, their enmities forgotten in the love of Jesus. In the first days, it was characteristic of Christianity that it broke the barriers down. It can still do that when given the chance.
Life Application:  What work of Jesus did it take to reach you? What experience have you used when talking with someone who had not received Jesus? If you have never talked with an unbeliever about Jesus, you are really missing a thrilling experience.

Praise/Prayer:  Dear Father, I am so thankful for the people that spoke to my father about the love of God. And he didn't wait very long before going to the church the person talked about. Thank You, God. for all the people who are willing to talk about Your love and the work of Jesus. I pray for the masses of people who are still waiting for someone to talk to them about Your love and the sacrifice of Jesus. Amen!

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