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Mary's Spontaneous Praise

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LUKE 1:46-56
Mary's hymn expressed praise to God for His treatment of her.  Then she extended her praise to Him for how He has treated the righteous throughout time and how He will vindicate them fully in the future. Whether or not she fully understood at the time the significance of what God was doing, Mary was joyful!  She spoke for herself and the people of God throughout time.  God is worthy of praise because He takes care of His children.  God's blessing is to be received joyfully and with a deep appreciation for He cares and acts personally on behalf of His children.
Mary is a fine example of the humble faithful disciple.  That a woman provided such an example is extraordinary since First Century culture often relegated women to a secondary status.  One of the beauties of Luke's infancy material is that people of different classes, occupations, etc., all experienced joy at the arrival of Jesus.
Mary's praise was personal-her soul and spirit offered praise.  That she glorified the Lord meant her words acknowledged His greatness and brought attention to Him.  SHE MAKES HIS NAME GREAT!  She approached Him recognizing her humble state as His servant and so acknowledged Him as her sovereign Master. Though she addressed God as the "Mighty One," she knows that she had nothing to fear because of His power since He also was her Savior.
The profile of Mary that we read between the lines tells the story. She was raised in a poor but godly home where life was hard. But God was good. When she heard she was to be the mother of the Messiah, she did not know how it would turn out for her, either in her present or future. She just heard the Angel say, "For nothing will be impossible with God" and answered with complete readiness, "I am the Lord's slave." "May it be to me as you have said." She had learned that God was faithful, and she fully trusted Him.
Life Application:  In your effort to maintain a true relationship with God, do you really trust Him? Do you make your praise personal? Do you offer praise in church because that is what everyone is doing? Do you sing praises even when you are alone?
Praise/Prayer:  Dear Father I am so thankful that I learned a long time ago that even though I could not sing with the choir, I could sing to You when I was alone. I love to sing to You while I am driving. I know that You receive my offerings of praise because of how I feel after offering praise. Hallelujah! I love You because I know that You love me more than I can possibly love You. "BLESSED BE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! AMEN!  

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