Daily Devotion

Jesus' Trial Before Pilate

LUKE 23:1-12
The Jews in the time of Jesus had no power to carry out the death sentence. Such a sentence had to be passed by the Roman governor and carried out by Roman authorities. It was for that reason that the Jews brought Jesus before Pilate. Nothing better shows their conscienceless malignity than the crime that they charged Him with. In the Sanhedrin, the charge had been one of blasphemy, that He had dared to call himself the Son of God.
When standing before Pilate, that charge was never mentioned. They knew well that it would have carried no weight with him, and that he would never have proceeded on a charge that would have seemed to him a matter of Jewish religion and superstition. The charge they leveled against Jesus was entirely political, and it has all the marks of the minds and ingenuity of the Sadducees. It was really the aristocratic, collaborationist Sadducees who achieved the crucifixion of Jesus, in their terror lest He should prove a disturbing element and produce a situation in which they would lose their wealth. Their charge made before Pilate was really threefold. They charged Jesus (a) with seditious agitation; (b) with encouraging men not to pay tribute to Caesar; (c) with assuming the title "King". Every single item of the charge was a lie, and they knew it. They resorted to the most calculated and malicious lies in their well-nigh insane desire to eliminate Jesus.
Life ApplicationHave you ever experienced people spreading untruthful things about you? Just think what Jesus must have experienced by the charges brought against Him. How did you handle such an experience?
Praise/PrayerDear Father, Jesus left us an excellent example of how to handle the lies people spread. I am so thankful for the way the Bible is full of bits of help. I look into the Bible for all kinds of help. The Bible is not only full of bits of help; it guides me into knowing You more and experiencing the courage to take steps of faith. I love You, my Father. Amen!

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