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Today we begin our walk through the 4th chapter of acts.  here we begin to see what it cost the followers of Jesus.  there is always a price to pay if you are going to follow Jesus, and there are always those raised up by the devil who will attempt to stop you from doing what you have been called to do for your savior.
The healing of the lame man had taken place in a part of the Temple area which was continually thronged with people. 
The Gate Beautiful led from the Court of the Gentiles into the Court of the Women. The court of the Gentiles was the largest of all the Temple Courts because anyone from any nation could come as long as they observed the ordinary laws of decency. It was here that the money changers had their booths and the sellers of sacrifices their stalls. Clearly, the whole series of events would have the widest publicity. 

Into this crowded scene came the priests. The superintendent of the Temple and of the Sadducees was the man that the Authorized Version calls the captain of the Temple. He was the High Priest's right-hand man and had the oversight of the good order of the Temple. When the crowds arrived, he and his Temple police would arrive on the scene. With him came the Sadducees who were the wealthy, aristocratic class. First, the Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection of the dead, and it was this very truth that the apostles were preaching. Second, the Sadducees were wealthy aristocrats and friendly with the Roman government. The Roman government was very tolerant, but the Sadducees were sure that if Peter and John were allowed to continue, riots and civil disorder might follow. That is why they had Peter and John arrested. This was a terrible example that the Sadducees who would keep their vested interests and would not listen themselves to the truth or give anyone else a chance.
Life Application:  The conduct of the Sadducees is still being felt. The question is, whose side are you on?  Believe the truth and encourage others to walk in it.

Praise/Prayer:  Dear Father, I am so thankful for the example that Peter and John lived before the world.  Now, Father, I pray for you to raise-up modern day men like them.  Our world needs men and women who will stand up for what they believe and not be afraid of what the world thinks.  Today's world is full of religious confusion and the true message of Jesus is covered over.  Come, Holy Spirit, and convict of this sin and wake up those who call themselves believers. Amen!

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