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Parable that was a Condemnation Cont'd

Created: Friday, 08 June 2018 16:38
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 LUKE 20:9-18
This parable also tells us something about JESUS.
(1ST) It tells us that He knew what was coming. He did not come to Jerusalem hugging a dream that even yet He might escape the cross. Open-eyed and unafraid, He went on. When Achilles, the great Greek hero, was warned by the prophetess Cassandra that if he went out to battle he would surely die, he answered, "Nevertheless I am going on." For Jesus, there was to be no turning back.
(2nd) It tells us that He never doubted God's ultimate triumph.  Beyond the power of wicked men stood the undefeatable majesty of God. Wickedness may seem for a time to prevail, but it cannot, in the end, escape its punishment.
"Careless seems the great Avenger, history's pages but record One death-grapple in the darkness, twixt old systems and the WORD; Truth forever on the scaffold, Wrong forever on the throne, Yet that scaffold sways the future, and behind the dim unknown, Standeth God within the shadow, keeping His own." (From a book by William Barclay).
(3rd) It lays down most unmistakably His claim to be the Son of God. Deliberately, He removes Himself from the successions of the prophets. They were servants; He is the Son. In this parable, He made the claim that none could fail to see who was to be GOD'S CHOSEN KING.
The quotation about the stone which the builders rejected comes from Psalm 118:22, 23. It was a favorite quotation in the early church as a description of the death and resurrection of Jesus
Life Application: This side shows a different picture than the other; Jesus knew that the Father had sent Him. How well do you know God's plan and purpose for you? Have you ever asked Him to reveal to you His plan for you? We are servants, and we are to obey the Master.
Praise/Prayer: Dear Father, I am so thankful for the way you reveal Your plans for each person's life. The lives of those You have selected for servants/prophets are to be respected because You have special plans for them. Pour out Your Spirit upon the Church today. There is such a need for spiritual awakening today. Thank You for showing us how You have moved in the past, but we need a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit today. Amen!

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