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What Jesus is to Creation

Created: Thursday, 07 February 2019 03:46
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The Son is the beginning of creation, and the end of creation, and the power who holds creation together, the Creator, the Sustainer, and the Final Goal of the world.
It is Paul's teaching that God's agent in creation is His Son and, in this passage, He has four things to say of the Son in regard to creation. 
  • (1stHe is the firstborn of all creation (Colossians 1:15). We must be very careful to attach the right meaning to this phrase. In English, it might mean the Son was the first person to be created, but in Hebrew and Greek thought, the word "firstborn" has only very indirectly a time significance. There are two things to note. Firstborn is very commonly a title of honor. Israel, for instance, as a nation is the "firstborn son of God" (Exodus 4:22). The meaning is that the nation of Israel is the most favored child of God. 
  • (2ndWe must note that firstborn is the title of the Messiah. In Psalm 89:27, as the Jews themselves interpreted it, the promise regarding the Messiah is, "I will make him my firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth." Firstborn is not used in a time sense at all but in the sense of special honor. So, when Paul says of the Son that he is the firstborn of all creation, he means that the highest honor that creation holds belongs to Him. 
  • (3rdIt was by the Son that all things were created. This is true of things in heaven and things in earth, of things, seen and unseen. Paul lays it down that the agent of God in creation is no inferior, ignorant and hostile secondary god, but the Son himself. 
  • (4thIt was for the Son that all things were created. The Son is not only the agent of creation, he is also the goal of creation. That is to say, creation was created to be his and that in its worship and its love he might find his honor and his joy. 
  • (5thPaul uses the strange phrase: "...in him all things hold together." This means that not only is the Son the agent of creation in the beginning and the end, during time as we know it, but it is also He who holds the world together. That is to say, all the laws by which this world is in order and not chaos are an expression of the mind of the Son. The laws by which the universe hangs together, are not only scientific laws but also divine.
Life Application
If you walk with Jesus, you have no fear because He holds it all together! He is your Lord, Savior and coming King. Praise be to the Father God and to His Son, Jesus!
Great is our God and Greatly to be Praised! Dear Father and Son, when I read Your plans in the Bible, I rejoice. I know that You hold the future and because You do, I need not fear because my hope is in You. Amen!

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