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The Then Current Religious Situation

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ScriptureLuke 3:1-6
Having dealt with the world situation, and the Palestinian political situation, Luke turns to the religious situation and dates John's emergences as being in the priesthood of Annas and Caiaphas. There never at any time were two high priests at one time. What then does Luke mean by giving these two names? The high priest was at one, and the same time the civil, and the religious head of the community. In the old days, the office of high priest had been hereditary for life, but with the coming of the Romans, the office was the object of all kinds of intrigue. The result was that between 37 B.C., and A.D. 26 there were no fewer than twenty-eight different high priests. Now Annas was actually high-priest from A.D. 7 until A.D. 14. He was at this time out of office, but he was succeeded by no fewer than four of his sons and Caiaphas was his son-in-law. Therefore, although Caiaphas was the reigning high-priest, Annas was the power behind the throne. That is why Jesus was brought first to him after His arrest (John 18:13) although he was not in office at that time. Luke associates his name with Caiaphas because, although Caiaphas was the actual high-priest, Annas was still the most influential priestly figure in the land.
Verses 4-6 are a quotation from Isaiah 40:3-5. When a king proposed to tour a part of his dominion in the east, he sent a courier before him to tell the people to prepare the roads. So, John is regarded as the courier of the King. But the preparation on which he insisted was a preparation of the heart and life. "The King is coming," he said. "Mend not your roads but your lives." There is laid on every one of us the duty to make life fit for the King to see.
Life Application: Are you getting ready for King Jesus to come? It certainly can't be too much longer before He is to come. Don't wait to get ready, you might miss His coming.
Praise/Prayer: My Dear Father, I hear the calling that You are coming soon. I don't know quite what that means, but at the same time, I want to be ready all the time. I have looked for Your coming for many years, and I want to be found busy about Your kingdom when You come. I pray for all the people who receive this devotion and all the people of Light House Christian Center International. I don't want any of them to miss the King's coming. Amen!
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