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The Salvation We Dare Not Neglect

Sep 26, 2019
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The writer is arguing from the less to the greater.  He has in his mind two revelations.  One was the revelation of the law that came by the medium of the angels, that is to say, the Ten Commandments.  Now, any breach of that law was followed by strict and just punishment. The other was the revelation that came through the medium of Jesus Christ, the Son.  Because it came in and through the Son, it was infinitely greater than the revelation of God's truth brought by the angels; therefore, any transgression of it must be followed by a far more terrible punishment.  If men cannot neglect the revelation that came through the angels, how much less can they neglect the revelation that came through the Son?
In the first verse, there may be an even more vivid picture.  The two keywords are prosechein and pararrein.  We have taken prosechein to mean to pay attention to, one of its commonest meaning.  Pararrein is a word of many meanings.  It is regularly used by something that has carelessly or thoughtlessly become lost. 
Both of these words have a nautical sense and could be vividly translated, "Therefore, we must the more eagerly anchor our lives to the things that we have been taught lest the ship of life drift past the harbor and be wrecked."  It is a vivid picture of a ship drifting to destruction because the pilot sleeps.
Life Application
For most of us, the threat of life is not so much that we plunge into a disaster, but that we should drift into sin. We must be continually on the alert against the peril of the drifting life.
  Dear Father, I thank You for the warning of "drifting into sin."  What I see so often are those who started to live for You, but they no longer are.  I become concerned because I am watching them drift away from their walk with You and Jesus.  The world has become their goal.  They have drifted away from the goal of Heaven.  God, have mercy on them.  Amen!

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