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The Inspiring of Timothy

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2 Timothy 1:1-7 
Paul's object in writing is to inspire and strengthen Timothy for his task in Ephesus. Timothy was young and he had a hard task in battling against the heresies and the infections that were bound to threaten the Church. So, then, in order to keep his courage high and his effort strenuous, Paul reminds Timothy of certain things.
(1stHe reminds him of his own confidence in him. There is no greater inspiration than to feel that someone believes in us.  An appeal to honor is always more effective than a threat of punishment. The fear of letting down those who love us is a cleansing thing.
(2ndHe reminds him of his family tradition. Timothy was walking in a fine heritage, and if he failed, not only would he smirch his own name, but he would lessen the honor of his family name as well. A fine parentage is one of the greatest gifts a person can have. Let him thank God for it and never bring dishonor to it.
(3rdHe reminds him of his setting apart to the office and of the gift that was conferred upon him. Once a person enters upon the service of any association with a tradition, anything he does affects not only themselves nor has it to be done only in their strength. There is the strength of a tradition to draw upon and the honor of a tradition to preserve. That is especially true of the Church. He who serves it has its honor in his hands; he who serves it is strengthened by the consciousness of the communion of all the saints.
(4thHe reminds him of the qualities that should characterize the Christian teacher. These, as Paul at that moment saw them, were:
(a) courage. It was not craven fear but courage that Christian service should bring to a man. It always takes courage to be a Christian, and that courage comes from the continual consciousness of the presence of Jesus.
(b) power. In the true Christian, there is the power to cope, the power to stand erect in the face of the shattering situation. The Christian is characteristically the person who could pass the breaking-point and not break.
(c) love. In Timothy's case, this was love for the brethren, the congregation of the people of Christ over whom he was set. It is precisely that love that gives the Christian pastor his other qualities. He must love his people so much that he will never find any task too great to undertake for them. No man should ever enter the ministry of the Church unless there is love for Jesus' people in his heart.,
Life Application
Do you have a deeper desire to work for God the Father wherever He would choose? Ask God for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit
to always guide you into your place of service.
Dear God, my Father, You have been in charge of me most of my life, and I want You to take charge now and lead me into the place that You want for me. Come, Holy Spirit, and anoint me for whatever God wants for me. I desire to please my Father God with every day of my life, whatever that would mean. Amen!

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