Daily Devotion

The Christian and the World

Mar 05, 2019
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Here we have three brief instructions for the life of the Christian while in the world.
  • (1stThe Christian must behave himself with wisdom and with tact towards those who are not believers in Jesus. Make the most of every opportunity (literally buy up the time). He must know when and when not to speak to others about their relationship with God. He must remember that it is not so much by his words as by his life that he will attract people to or turn them away from Christianity. God gives us the opportunity to share the Good News and to serve others.
  • (2ndThe Christian must be on the lookout for God-given opportunities. Paul is encouraging Christians to speak to unbelievers in words that are well chosen. The rabbis referred to wisdom as salt, so Paul might also be exhorting Christians to speak wisely. Daily life and work are continually offering opportunities to witness for Jesus. The Christian should always be on the outlook for an opportunity to serve Jesus and his fellowman. Gracious speech comes as a result of God's grace being manifested in a Christian.
  • (3rdThe Christian must have charm and wit in his speech so that he may know how to give the right answer in every case. Here is an interesting injunction. It is all too true that Christianity in the minds of many is connected with a kind of sanctimonious dullness and an outlook in which laughter is almost a heresy. The Christian must commend his message with the charm and the wit that was in Jesus. There is too much of the Christianity that depresses a person and too little of the Christianity that causes the sparks of life.
Life Application
When you talk to someone about Jesus, do you create sparks of life or depression? You must let life, joy and hope flow from your heart because Jesus is the giver of life and the hope of eternity with Him.
Dear Father, fill me with Your joy and overflowing life so that I can pass it on to the people I talk with. I want to be able to pass on to them the joy, hope, and life that I feel fills my life. I want to tell people about the joy that comes when a person is really a believer in Jesus. Hallelujah! Amen!

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