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ACTS 23:25-35
The seat of the Roman government was not in Jerusalem but in Caesarea. The praetorium is the residence of a governor. The praetorium  Caesarea was a palace that had been built by Herod the Great. Lysia wrote his letter absolutely fair and completely impartial, and the cavalcade set out. It was sixty miles from Jerusalem to Caesarea and Antipatris was twenty-five miles from Caesarea. Up to Antipatris, the country was dangerous and inhabited by Jews; after that, the country was open and flat, quite unsuited for any ambush and largely inhabited by Gentiles. So, at Antipatris, the main body of the troops went back and left the cavalry alone as a sufficient escort
The governor to whom Paul was taken was Felix and his name was a byword. For five years he had governed Judaea and for two years before that, he had been stationed in Samaria; he had still two years to go before being dismissed from his post. He had begun life as a slave. His brother, Pallas, was the favorite of Nero. Through the influence of Pallas, Felix had risen first to be a freedman and then to be a governor. He was the first slave in history ever to become the governor of a Roman province. Tacitus, the Roman historian, said of him, "He exercised the prerogatives of a king with the spirit of a slave." He had been married to three princesses, one after another. He was unscrupulous and was capable of hiring thugs to murder his own closest supporters. It was to face a man like that that Paul was sent to Caesarea.
Life Application: As God chooses the people that you have to work with, have as a doctor, etc., you know that He will equip you. God expects you to come out a winner.
Praise/Prayer:  Dear Father, I am so thankful that You are in charge of my life. I trust You to guide me to the right doctors and anyone else whose help I will need. You are my savior and victorious King. You have led me down a lot of paths that I would not have chosen, but Yours have led me to victory. Amen! Hallelujah!

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