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Partner With IPMI


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Partner With IPMI

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Intercessory Prayer Ministry International (IPMI) is an organization that relies solely on the support of its partners and friends, without any backing from private foundations, advertising, or product sales. Your financial support is crucial in enabling us to fund our various programs and expand our global outreach in support of revival for the evangelization, spiritual healing, and transformation of individuals, families, cities, and nations. We invite you to join us as a Partner who commits to giving a monthly gift of $25 or more to IPMI.

Your contributions will help us continue our mission of making a difference in the world through the transforming power of prayer. With your ongoing support, we can develop and host various programs and outreaches, participate in charitable and benevolent endeavors, and maintain our websites, including IPMI TV. 

We believe that your financial support will go a long way in helping us impact individuals, families, cities, and nations both in the United States and around the world. By partnering with us, you can help us make a positive difference in the lives of many.

Funding Special Prayer Training Programs to Empower Individuals and Local Congregations.

Your financial support will enable IPMI to fund the development and expansion of the School of Prayer, a program that is specially designed to serve congregations that struggle with prayer.  Over the past 15 years, the  School of Prayer has positively impacted several congregations, like this, particularly from the Greater New York area and New Jersey.  The development and expansion of the School of Prayer will enable IPMI to serve other churches across the United States. 

Funding Special Leadership Training Programs that Provide Practical Spiritual Support to Pastors and Leaders.  

Your generous financial support is crucial to IPMI's ability to continue hosting the Annual Pastors' and Leaders' Prayer Symposium in New York City. Since 2008, IPMI has been organizing the Symposium every year as a special outreach program aimed at pastors and leaders from various denominations across the tri-state area. The program is designed to offer practical spiritual support to pastors and leaders who are passionate about bringing spiritual renewal and transformation to their local communities through prayer. IPMI plans to expand the symposium in the upcoming years to serve more leaders throughout the region, but this will require financial assistance. Your contribution will make a significant difference in helping us achieve this goal and continue our mission.

Developing Special Prayer and Fasting Programs to Facilitate the Spiritual Empowerment of Individuals, Groups, and Churches.  

For the past twenty-four years, IPMI has been facilitating the spiritual empowerment of Christians around the world through The Annual Twenty-one Days of Prayer and Fasting for Breakthrough program. One attractive feature of this program is the structured devotional guide that emphasizes the daily reading and personal application of the Scriptures. With greater funding, we will be able to develop and expand the program to others around the world.  Click here to read the testimonial of an IPMI partner that benefited from this program.

Funding International Prayer Campaigns to Facilitate Revival and Social Transformation of Nations.

Since 1997, IPMI has hosted the Annual Global Prayer Summit in New York City on the second Saturday of October. This summit provides attendees with the opportunity to learn practical prayer skills from experienced leaders in the international community and participate in prayer sessions for different nations. Since 2022, the event has been held virtually on Zoom with interpreters available to facilitate communication in various languages. Hundreds of Christian leaders representing various Christian organizations from 40 countries across the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa come together each year for this summit to pray for the spiritual renewal and transformation of nations. Your generous donation will help us sponsor international leaders to participate in this annual event free of cost. If you're interested in learning more about the Annual Global Prayer Summit, please click here.

Facilitating the Continued Development of IPMI Website and the Acquisition and Use of Web-based Applications and Telecommunication Technology to Facilitate the Global Advancement of God's Kingdom.

The Monthly Global Prayer Calls are a prime example of how IPMI has been able to use web-based and communication technology to advance its mission of promoting revival for the evangelization and spiritual transformation of nations worldwide. Since 2013, this program has successfully mobilized Christians from across the United States and other nations to unite in prayer concerning various global issues such as revival in the US, the Middle East crisis, and the persecuted church. In the next five years, IPMI aims to expand the number of global prayer calls in the coming years, provide regular free webinars to equip intercessors better and continue developing the IPMI website. Your financial support will be highly appreciated in achieving these goals.

Join us now as a partner to help IPMI accomplish its global mission with your regular donation. Every donation you make to IPMI counts.  

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