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Will You Pray With Us?

Pray with us regarding the following needs as we seek to pursue the mission of IPMI during 2020

  1. For the president, leaders, and staff to receive God's guidance, wisdom and special anointing to carry out the mission of IPMI effectively. 

       2. For adequate financial resources to fund the 2020 ministry operations' and programs’ budgets. 

  1. For the provision of proper funding to hire suitably qualified ministry staff, including an administrative director and field officer
  2. For the successful completion of projects, the ministry is pursuing to facilitate the global expansion and development of IPMI.
  3. For the Lord to continue to open to IPMI doors of opportunity to promote united prayer for revival within the Christian community locally and internationally.
  4. For the successful hosting of the various programs and events at IPMI during 2020
  5. For the Lord to provide more significant opportunities for IPMI and its leaders to connect with pastors and congregations locally, nationally, and internationally in pursuit of its mission to facilitate united prayer for revival within the Body of Christ for the healing and transformation of nations. 
  6. For the addition of new partners, volunteers, leaders, committed core support personnel, and intercessors to facilitate the continued growth, development, and expansion of IPMI locally, nationally, and globally.



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