Prayer for Revival in the United States, Israel and the Presecuted Church

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Welcome to the Intercessory Prayer Ministry International April 2011 Prayer Agenda for revival in the United States; Israel and the Middle Eastern issues; and the persecuted Church in nations that oppose Christianity.  This prayer agenda has been produced for use with the April 7 Global Prayer Teleconference.

Category 1: The United States & Israel

A. Prayer for the US Domestic Issues and International Diplomacy

U.S. military intervention in Libya has sparked widely divergent congressional reaction. Some legislators lament U.S. actions may be too little too late to force leader Moammar Gadhafi from power, while others object that the Obama administration acted without Congress’ consent. The U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power to declare war and, implicitly, the power to decline to do so. The War Powers Resolution of 1973 stipulates the president must get congressional approval to send American forces to combat zones beyond a 60-day timeframe. Weeks ago, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that seizing control of Libyan airspace would be an act of war. But since establishing the no-fly zone, the Obama administration has not specifically stated that the United States is at war with Libya. The situation reflects the highly complex nature of US diplomacy at this time given the ongoing uprisings going on in a number of countries in the Middle East in which America has a strategic interest. Main concerns of US involvement with the Libyan conflict are (i) the enormous economic cost to tax payers the impact of this cost on the US huge and growing national debt that is now in excess of $14 trillion; (ii) The impact on an overstretched military already involved in two conflicts in Muslims nations.

Prayer Points:

  • for the President and US policy makers for wisdom in leading the nation during this extremely challenging time; pray especially for wisdom to be given to our leaders in the  area of foreign policy.
  • Prayer for the military involved in three conflicts, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Congress Holds Hearing on Radicalization of US Muslims

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, began hearings on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 10, 2011.Emotions ran high at a congressional hearing Thursday on the extent of radicalization in the U.S. Muslim community.  The hearing has reignited a national debate on how best to fight domestic terrorism while respecting Americans’ civil liberties and religious diversity in the country.  Civil rights and Muslim advocacy groups as well as a coalition of Christian and Jewish leaders have strongly criticized the hearing for focusing on the community of some seven million American Muslims, instead of looking at the broad spectrum of domestic terrorist groups that would include violent anti-government activists and white supremacists. The subject of Islamic radicalization and terrorism divided the House committee largely along party lines.  Most Democratic members objected to the hearing’s focus on one religious group. Senior Obama administration officials say that the threat of domestic terrorism is real, but they stress that the answer is to reach out to the Muslim American community and not to stigmatize an entire group because of the actions of a few.  Representative King vows to hold more hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims, saying he is driven by the desire to prevent another al-Qaida attack on the United States.

Prayer Points

  • for Congress man Peter King and the Homeland Security Committee for the wisdom to conduct an impartial hearing into the radicalization of the US Muslim community, one that will not lead to a bias or discrimination against Muslims but serve to expose any hidden or underlying threat of terrorism against the American people.
  • for God’s divine shield of protection to be lifted above our nation as a form of protection.  It is as the Lord watches over the nation that America will continue to remain safe from terrorism and all other forms of dangers.  Proclaim over the US Ps 127:1: “Except the lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”  It is as the Lord builds up His church in the nation that America will experience His protection. Pray  for a another great outpouring of the Holy Spirit over the nation.

B.  Prayer of Declaration for Israel based on Jeremiah 32: 37 – 44

West Bank Killings Further Complicate Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

The killing of five Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank is further complicating efforts to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Prospects for restarting peace efforts were not good before the incident Friday, in which assailants broke into a Jewish family’s home in the West Bank settlement of Itamar, killing the two parents and three children, including an infant. Israeli and Palestinian authorities are searching for the attackers.  Members of the al-Aqsa Brigades, the largely defunct militant wing of Abbas’ Fatah movement, were reported to have claimed responsibility, but officials did not take the claim seriously. Israel’s construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank is at the heart of the impasse that caused U.S.-brokered talks to stall last September.  Palestinian leaders have been urging the international community to put pressure on Israel to stop settlement building.

Use the following verses from Jeremiah 32 in a prayer of proclamation over Israel:

Establishment within borders promised by God to the Jewish people based on the Covenant made with Abraham

“Behold I will gather them out of all the countries, whether I have driven them in mine anger, and in my wrath, and in great indignation and I will bring them again into this place, and I will cause them to dwell safely.” (V 37)

Protection amongst Israel’s enemies and Peace and Security within the land

“Yea I will rejoice over them to do them good and I will protect them in the land assuredly with my whole heart and with my whole soul.” (v 44)

Category 2: The Persecuted Church

Isaiah 61:1  1 “The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon Me, because the LORD has anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound;

Praise Report – Malaysia, Impounded Bibles Released

Two shipments of Bibles that had been impounded by Malaysian port authorities were finally released in March.  This involves 35,000 copies of the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs in the Malay language. . Under current law, they must be stamped “For Christians Only.” Because of this requirement, the receiving organization is refusing to take the books. Let us praise God for the release of the Bibles and ask for the situation to be resolved soon.

Praise Report – CHINA, Christian Publisher Doing Well After Release

Shi Weihan is back with his wife and two children after three years in prison. He is in a stable condition both mentally and physically. Shi Weihan led a house church in Beijing and also published Christian literature. Also pray for other imprisoned Chinese Christians, such as Yang Rongli, Alimujiang Yimiti, and Li Ying.

Prayer Points:

  • · Pray for Christians in Pakistan that are being attacked.

A Muslim mob killed two Christians and burned Bibles in retaliation of the Florida Pastor Jones who threatened to burn the Quran.  The mob said they would continue the attacks unless the US government arrests Jones and gives him the death penalty.

  • Pray for the protection of Christians in India – Orissa

Attacks Against Christians Continue in Orissa State.
Hindu extremists continue their attacks against ethnic minority Christians in Orissa state. In the latest incident, about 60 members of the Hindu nationalist RSS group beat one Christian unconscious and destroyed the eardrums of another. The extremists have raided prayer meetings and attacked churches, beating the Christians in attendance. Their victims have included women, including some who were pregnant, and children. Fearing more attacks, at least four families have left their village and not returned. Pray for all Christians in the district that they will remain strong in their faith. Pray for the healing of the injured. Also pray that their persecutors will come to Christ.

  • Pray for the families of prisoners suffering and Waiting- VIETNAM

The families of Christian prisoners in Vietnam face many difficulties, including financial hardship and sickness. In addition, wives are left without husbands and children without fathers. Families are rarely able to visit their imprisoned family member, and children can’t afford to go to school because the family has no income. In the prison camp, Christians do not have enough food to eat but are required to work hard.  Pray for the release of Christians in Vietnam. Pray also for the families of prisoners, that their physical needs will be met and that they will be encouraged through the Holy Spirit.

  • Pray for Christians in Ethiopia who are being attacked.

Muslim mobs are attacking Christian churches and homes. The attacks started on March 2 after Muslims accused Christians of desecrating the Qur’an. By March 7, a total of 49 churches and 28 homes had been destroyed.  By March 9, Protestant Church leaders confirmed that more than 3,000 Christians have been displaced by the attacks.  Latest report say that 10,000 Christians have been displaced.

  • Pray for the safety of Christian communities throughout Egypt.

A Muslim mob in a village south of Cairo attacked a church building and burned it down, almost killing the parish priest after an imam issued a call to “Kill all the Christians,” according to local sources. Please pray for the safety of the Christian communities throughout Egypt.

Category 3: Global Current Events

Scripture: Ps. 29:1-11


The March 11th earthquake and subsequent tsunami resulted in over 11,000 people died and more than 17,000 missing. Almost 200,000 more are still living in poorly equipped shelters.Entire towns were destroyed and six nuclear power reactors severely damaged.

Radiation from the damaged nuclear power plant has made its way into vegetables, raw milk and tap water as far away as Tokyo. Residents within 12 miles (20 kilometers) of the plant have been ordered to leave and some nations have banned the imports of food products from the Fukushima region. Highly toxic plutonium was the latest contaminant found seeping into the soil outside the plant. Safety officials said the amounts did not pose a risk to humans, but the finding supports suspicions that dangerously radioactive water is leaking from damaged nuclear fuel rods.

A number of Christian organizations are providing aid and support to the survivors of the disasters.

Prayer Points

  1. Comfort and healing for those whose loved ones died in the disasters.
  2. Comfort and healing for those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the earthquake and tsunami.
  3. Radiation leaks from the nuclear plant will be stopped and the reactors shut down.
  4. Proper housing will be found for the 200,000 people living in shelters.
  5. Wisdom and resources for the rebuilding of the devastated region in Japan.
  6. Christians in Japan and world-wide will continue to give aid and show love to the survivors of the disasters.
  7. God would pour out his Spirit and bring about a revival in Japan.


Weeks of anti-government protests along with violent clashes between pro-government forces and anti-government protestors have resulted in several political and military defections. As a consequence, “Yemen’s embattled president has accepted opposition demands for constitutional reforms and holding parliamentary elections by the end of the year, according to a statement issued by his office” (CNN). The statement said President Ali Abdullah Saleh was “committed to undertaking all possible initiatives to reach a settlement” with the opposition JMP bloc and “prevent any future bloodshed of the Yemeni people.”

Yemen’s official unemployment about 35 percent but is probably closer to 50 percent, cronyism, nepotism, a failing economy, the country’s running out of water, running out of oil – just about everything that could go wrong in Yemen is going wrong.

Yemen, lying on Saudi Arabia’s southern border, is the poorest country on the Arabian Peninsula, a fragmented tribal land beset by a sagging economy, a restless and growing youth population, a rebel movement, and a functioning al-Qaida presence.

Prayer Points

  1. President Ali Abdullah Saleh will follow through with the political, social, and economic reforms to which he agreed.
  2. A halt to violence and the reestablishment of peace in Yemen.
  3. The uprooting of the al-Qaida presence from Yemen.
  4. Economic growth and job creation for the Yemeni people
  5. Religious freedom and the growth of the Church.


Human Rights Watch says more than 60 people have died in the recent violence associated with the anti-government demonstrations, which began March 18.

Protesters have been demanding that President Bashar al-Assad lift Syria’s 50-year-old emergency law which prohibits demonstrations. They also are demanding political and social reforms.  Assad accepted the resignation of his cabinet, but sacking the government is seen as a cosmetic change since it wields little authority in Syria, where power is concentrated in the hands of the Assad family and security apparatus (VOA).

The Obama administration is condemning the violence against Syrian protesters but also leaving the door open to continuing dialogue with President al-Assad, provided he redeems long-standing reform promises reiterated this week.

Prayer Points

  1. A peaceful resolution for the protests and violence in Syria.
  2. President al-Assad will implement political and social reforms.
  3. The people grieving the death of their loved ones.
  4. Protection of Christians and the spread of the gospel.


Coalition forces have imposed a no fly-zone over Libya. However, violence continues between government forces and anti-government forces. International diplomats and government leaders declared that “Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s government has “completely lost legitimacy,” and military action against the regime must continue until attacks on civilians stop and humanitarian assistance is allowed to pass freely.”

Envoys from more than 40 countries and organizations attended a conference in London and agreed to establish a “Libya Contact Group” to coordinate international response to crisis, said UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, who chaired the conference. The first meeting will be held in Qatar, he said (CNN). The group also agreed to push for more international pressure and additional sanctions on Gadhafi’s regime.

Prayer Points

  1. A cease-fire and a quick and peaceful resolution to the conflict in Libya.
  2. Humanitarian aid will get to the victims of the conflict.
  3. Comfort to those grieving the death of their loved ones.
  4. Political, social, and economic reforms
  5. Al-Qaida and other violent Islamic extremists will not become established in Libya.
  6. Religious freedom as well as the protection and growth of the Church.

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