February 2017 Prayer Agenda

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Category One

Prayer for America and Europe

Scripture Reading: 1 Tim. 2: 1 -4.

Prayer for America

Prayer for Revival

House Passes Bill to Permanently Ban Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

WASHINGTON — The House passed legislation (H.R. 7) Tuesday to block taxpayer money from funding abortions. The bill makes this policy permanent and passed 238-183.

Additionally, H.R. 7 bans the federal government from subsidizing insurance plans that cover elective abortion. For the past 30 years, Congress passed annual legislation to keep the policy — known as the Hyde amendment, named after the late Illinois Republican Rep. Henry Hyde — in effect.

The passage of the legislation in the House comes on the heels of President Donald Trump’s reinstatement of a policy started by President Ronald Reagan that bans the funding or promotion of abortion overseas. (Source: The Daily Caller, 1/24/2017)


  • Let us give thanks for the passing of H.R 7 Bill by the US Congress blocking taxpayers’ money in the US from funding abortion. Let also give thanks for the reinstatement of US policy banning the federal government funding or promoting abortion overseas.
  • For all those involved in the implementation of these laws at the federal, state and local levels
  • That the American people will return to a biblical view of life.

Focusing on God’s healing of the US, a Divided nation

“America’s ills are not merely the result of corruption or racism, although these are evil. Our troubles can also be traced directly to ineffective Christians.” (Tony Evans)

“As Christians, we must take authority and pray over the principalities and powers that are at work in our nation, in the lives of those who are calling for violence or who are perpetuating violence. We saw in Sanford that we could come to a peaceful outcome when we took authority in the spiritual realm.”

Secular people don’t understand this, but those of us who believe the Word of God know that “our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (Eph. 6:12, MEV) –  (Excerpted from an article by Steve Strang, Editor of  Charisma Magazine, 7/8/2016)


  1. “For the church across America to come together as a whole to advance God’s Kingdom light, equity, love and principles in order to be a positive influence and impact for good in the midst of darkness, fear and hate.”
  2. “For the Christian community across America to stand together and commit to one another to usher in a wave of change, justice, life, safety, rightness, equity and dignity for all.”
  3. “That at this time peace, unity, love and non-violence will be our rallying cry and the catalyst for change in America.”

(Prayer Points Adopted from Tony Evans).

Prayer for the Newly Elected President, His Transition Team and those being added to serve his administration.

This call is based on the belief that, when God’s people cry out to Him in earnest and heartfelt prayer, He will bless our nation in ways we cannot foresee. Our prayers also open a window for God to work across our land through the Advancement of His Kingdom, resulting in the salvation of the lost (1 Timothy 2:1 – 3)


  1. For Wisdom and humility for President Donald Trump and members of his administration to lead America during these uncertain times.
  2. For God’s blessings upon the New Administration for the general welfare and advancement of the nation over the next four years resulting in good governance, reflected in justice and equity for all Americans based on Biblical standards resulting in the peace and prosperity of the nation.

Prayer for Europe

Catholic Bishop: Atheism, Stupidity, Weak Church Leading to Rise of Islam in Europe



Roman Catholic archbishop warned that the rise of atheism in Europe, along with the acceptance of moral decadence that “goes against God,” is leaving room for the dramatic rise of Islam in Italy and other places.

Monsignor Carlo Liberati, bishop emeritus of Pompeii, said: “In 10 years we will all be Muslims because of our stupidity. Italy and Europe live in a pagan and atheist way, they make laws that go against God and they have traditions that are proper of paganism.”

“All of this moral and religious decadence favors Islam,” Liberati argued.

MailOnline pointed out that there were only around 2,000 Muslims in Italy in 1970, but that number has now grown to two million, in part due to the rise of Islamic migrants over the past few years.

The archbishop acknowledged that the Christian faith has been suffering in Italy….

“Parishes are the only thing still standing. We need a true Christian life. All this paves the way to Islam…

Many reports in recent years have shown a continuous decline in Christianity in parts of Europe. A recent ComRess poll in the U.K. found that the majority of Millennials, or young people aged 18-24, do not believe that Britain is a Christian country anymore…

Scandinavian countries have also seen a significant rise of secularism in recent years, which has been celebrated by atheists.

The Danish Atheist Society revealed in 2016 that as many as 10,000 people left the Church of Denmark between April and June, following a nationwide atheist campaign urging people to question the divinity of Jesus…


  1. For a mighty move of the Spirit of God that will counteract, pull down and destroy the strongholds of atheistic ideas, activism, brainwashing and thinking throughout Europe, that open the doors to false religions;
  2. That God will extend His grace, mercies and forbearance to the people of Europe and grant unto them to turn to Him as the Creator and to His Son Jesus Christ as the Lord of all and only Saviour of sinners.

Christians at risk of years in prison for preaching Christ [UK]

Published January 24, 2017 | Freedom of Speech|Religious Freedom|Social


The Policing and Crime Bill [UK] proposes to raise the penalty for a ‘racially or religiously aggravated offence’ from seven years to 14 years. The bill was debated in the House of Lords this week.

Lord Pearson raised a question about this offence, asking:

“Could such an offence be caused by a Christian preaching the supreme divinity of Christ and therefore denying the supremacy of Muhammad? Would various assembled Muslims be free to regard that as a religiously aggravated offence under this section?”

Responding for the government, Baroness Williams replied:

“It is a matter for the court and the CPS to determine the points that he makes”. This means that the government considers that it is possible that a Christian could face years in prison for preaching the supreme divinity of Christ.

‘Prison sentence for saying that Jesus is Lord of all’ 

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern, said:

“It is extremely concerning that the government is not prepared to defend free speech to the extent that Christians may risk a prison sentence for saying that Jesus is Lord of all.

“…. Sadly, the present government is not willing to defend this important value, and this raises the prospect of Christians being imprisoned for preaching Christ.

“… It is shocking that the government believes that a Christian could face prison for proclaiming the supreme divinity of Christ.

“Already Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre have defended multiple preachers who have been arrested for preaching the gospel….

“The fact that Jesus is Lord over all is the hope for our nation. It is at the very heart of Christianity, which has provided the moral and spiritual foundations for our society for centuries. People should be free to declare Christ’s Lordship in every area of public life.


  1. That the government [of the UK] will change its position and immediately clarify for the courts that preaching the Supreme Lordship of Jesus will not be an offence under The Policing and Crime Act;
  2. That God will grant continuing success to the Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre in defending Christians who come under persecution as they seek to live out their faith in Christ in the UK;
  3. That God would grant to His people increasing boldness and wisdom to freely and powerfully preach the gospel and share their faith in Jesus Christ.

Anti-Christian attacks in France rose 38 percent in 2016

One church’s wall was vandalized by blasphemous graffiti, and a Jesus Christ figure at a Catholic memorial in Fournes-en-Weppes was attacked. However, the most shocking attack was the one that happened at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, where two Islamists killed Fr. Jacques Hamel in the middle of the mass.

According to a nun named Sister Helene who witnessed the attack, 19-year-old Islamic State fanatics Adel Kermiche and Abdel Malik Petitjean entered the church wielding a knife and a fake bomb. The assailants then forced an elderly parishioner to take a video of them while they slashed Fr. Hamel’s throat, the Mirror reported in August last year.

“Jacques shouted at them, ‘Stop! What are you doing?’ It was then that one of them struck the first blow to his throat,” said Sister Helene. “Thinking I was going to die, I offered my life to God.”

Fortunately, Sister Helene, two other nuns and two parishioners who were with her got out of the church alive. However, one of them sustained injuries as a result of the attack. The ISIS fanatics were later shot dead by police outside the Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray church.


  1. That God will protect His people in France, who serve Jesus Christ in truth and sincerity, from attacks at the hands of those who hate the Name of Jesus Christ;
  2. That God will so strengthen his people that they will be able to respond to their attackers with the agape love of God;
  3. That the response of God’s people to their attackers will become a powerful testimony to all in France, thereby winning their hearts in fearing God and in becoming converted to Christ.

Category 2  

                                                  Israel, the Middle East and Africa                                                            

Scripture (Heb. 12:22-29 NIV) and Introduction


JERUSALEM — In a pointed act of defiance against international pressure, Israel on Tuesday approved a huge new wave of settlement construction in the occupied West Bank. The announcement made clear that just a few days into the Trump presidency, the Israeli government feels emboldened to shake off the constraints imposed by the Obama administration and more willing to disregard international condemnation.

The first step came on Sunday, when the Jerusalem City Council approved 566 new housing units in East Jerusalem that had been delayed over President Barack Obama’s objections. Then on Tuesday, the Israeli government announced that 2,500 new housing units would be built in the West Bank. Officials said most would be built in “settlement blocs,” referring to areas of the West Bank that Israel has long intended to keep under any future agreement with the Palestinians, possibly in return for land swaps along the boundary that separated Israel from the West Bank before the 1967 war. But in years of failed negotiations, the Israelis and Palestinians have never agreed on the size or location of such blocs. (ISABEL KERSHNER, NY Times, January 24, 2016)



  1. Thank God that the US government has renewed its support for Israel.
  2. Pray for wisdom for the Israeli government as they seek to meet the housing needs of the Israeli people.
  3. Pray for the protection, peace, and prosperity of Israel.
  4. Pray for greater effectiveness of the Church and missionaries in sharing the gospel to Israelis.


Clashes between rebel groups and their onetime al-Qaida-linked ally, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, have intensified in northern Syria with the jihadists accusing their former allies of having entered into a conspiracy against them.

The infighting, which erupted Tuesday as Russian-mediated peace talks were ending inconclusively in the Kazakh capital, Astana, has become a struggle for mastery between the jihadists and more moderate Islamist and secular-based groups in what is left of rebel-controlled territory in northwest Syria.

One of the triggers for the fighting are recent highly precise U.S.-led coalition airstrikes that killed more than 100 jihadist fighters in Syria. Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly known as the Al Nusra Front, said the strikes hit one of its camps. It suspects the targeting information was supplied by other rebel groups, say commanders with Western-backed Free Syrian Army militias. (Jamie Dettmer, VOA News, January 25, 2017)

An aid group supporting local ministries overseas says the Holy Spirit is “stirring” in war-torn Syria and drawing “thousands” of Muslims to Christian missionaries who are working in the region.
Steve Van Valkenburg with Christian Aid Mission, which supports ministries in Syria, said there is a lot of fear in anxiety in Aleppo, which government forces recently retook from rebel control, with the army “not sure who to trust” and looking out for militant members that could be mixed in with the crowd.

Van Valkenburg told Mission Network News that missionary partners in the war-torn city are seeing the Holy Spirit “stirring,” however. “One encouraging thing was that an agency within the government has asked a ministry if they would have kids programs all this week. So, every other day, they’re having kids programs, and they’re evangelistic programs. They’ve been very effective in the past, and actually have seen thousands of people coming to their meetings,” he revealed.

The Christian groups give out biblical themed coloring books to children, show Gospel films, and distribute Bibles, he added. What is more, Muslims are reportedly seeking spiritual refuge in prayer tents that have been erected throughout Aleppo. (STOYAN ZAIMOV, CHRISTIAN POST REPORTER, Jan 18, 2017)

Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/holy-spirit-drawing-thousands-of-muslims-to-pray-with-christian-missionaries-in-syria-aid-group-173147/#Xmh08xWKQ5hvUkVW.99


  1. Praise God for the Holy Spirit “stirring” taking place in Syria. Pray that it will become a genuine revival.
  2. Pray for the salvation of Muslims in Syria. Also, pray for men, women, and children to respond to the gospel.
  1. Pray for protection and provision for missionaries in Syria. Also, pray for the strengthening of the Church in Syria.
  2. Pray for lasting peace to be established in Syria.


Starvation in northern Nigeria’s Borno State is so bad that a whole slice of the population — children under 5 — appears to have died, aid agencies say.

Doctors Without Borders, which has been in Borno State since 2014, reported in November that it was seeing hardly any children under age 5 at its clinics, hospitals and feeding centers. “There are almost always small children buzzing around the camps,” Dr. Joanne Liu, the agency’s president, and Dr. Natalie Roberts, an emergency operations manager, wrote then. “We saw only older brothers and sisters. No toddlers straddling their big sisters’ hips, no babies strapped to their mothers’ backs.” Measles, diarrhea, pneumonia and malaria — all of which are worsened when starvation weakens immune systems — were taking a huge toll on infants and toddlers, they said. (DONALD G. McNEIL Jr., NY Times, JAN. 23, 2017)


The Islamic radical group Boko Haram in Nigeria has begun using babies in its suicide bombing attacks on civilians, officials warned, with female jihadists carrying babies to avoid detection.
BBC News reported that one such attack involving infants took place on Jan. 13 in the town of Madagali in Adamawa State, when two women passed a vigilante checkpoint disguised as mothers, since they were carrying babies. The female jihadists killed themselves, two babies, and four other people when they successfully carried out the bombing, officials said. Two other female suicide bombers, who were not carrying children, were stopped at the checkpoint, where they detonated their devices. (Stoyan Zaimov, CP Reporter, January 25, 2017)
Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/boko-haram-islamic-radicals-now-using-babies-in-suicide-bombings-officials-173435/#IsoCqW8GX1J741Xy.99


  1. Pray for the complete defeat and dissolution of Boko Haram.
  2. Pray for humanitarian and medical aid will get to the needy families in Northern Nigeria. Pray especially that children under 5 will get the aid they need.
  3. Pray for the release of the kidnapped victims of Boko Haram.
  4. Pray for the protection, strengthening, and growth of the Church in Northern Nigeria.


Five Coptic Christians have been brutally murdered and had their throats slashed in four different incidents in Egypt over a two-week timespan, a persecution watchdog group reports.

As it has been reported that four Coptic Christians have been murdered during the first two weeks of 2017, the body of a fifth slain Copt was found last Monday.

According to World Watch Monitor, the body of 37-year-old married father of two, Ishak Ibrahim Fayez Younan, was discovered in his Cairo residence by his brother on Jan. 16. Reports indicate that Ishak, who worked at a soda factory in Cairo for the last 13 years, had his throat slashed while he was in an apartment he rented. His wife and other family members live in their permanent residence in a village in Upper Egypt. (Samuel Smith, CP Reporter, Jan 26, 2017)

Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/5-coptic-christians-brutally-murdered-egypt-bodies-found-with-throats-slashed-173545/#mAl5HB3RiLuPGHcA.99


  1. Pray that those responsible for the murder of five the Coptic Christians in January will be brought to justice.
  2. Pray that the Egyptian government will do more to protect Coptic Christians from persecution and murder.
  3. Pray that the Egyptian Church and missionaries will be effective in reaching Muslims with the gospel.

Category 3

Prayer for the Persecuted Church and Other Critical Concerns of Asia

 Scripture Focus – Matthew 5:44

Prayer for Christians Around the World Suffering Persecution

Study: Christians Most Persecuted Religious Group in the World

According to the Director of the Centre for Studies on New Religions (Cesnur), Massimo Introvigne, Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, with over 90,000 Christians killed in 2016 alone.

Introvigne told Vatican Radio that there are nearly half a billion Christians who are unable to express or practice fully their Christian faith.

Referring to statistics from the Centre for the Study of Global Christianity, Introvigne said of those 90,000 Christians persecuted in 2016, 70 percent of them were murdered in Africa due to tribal conflicts: “The other 30 per cent, or 27,000, were killed in terror attacks, the destruction of Christian villages, or government persecution.”

Due to be fully released next month, these statistics show a decline of 15,000 in the number of Christians killed, compared to the 105,000 killed in 2015.  However, Introvigne also mentioned Christians are the most persecuted faith based group in the world.


  1. Let us praise God for the continued growth of His Church worldwide despite increased persecution of Christians worldwide.
  2. Let us continue to praise God the lives of the 90,000 faithful martyrs from around the world that departed this life in 2016.  Praise God also for the wonderful fruits their labor for the master have produced or will continue to produce in the advancement of His Kingdom worldwide.
  3. For Christians living in the Islamic world, where Christians are finding themselves at ever greater risk of persecution from both the state and Islamic militants.
  4. For Christians living in India, where persecution is on the increase from militant Hindus, and China, where the pressure is continuing to grow on unregistered churches.

Other Important Facts about the Global persecution of Christians:

  • 200 million Christians in more than 102 countries are affected by persecution, including kidnappings, sex-slavery, imprisonment, torture, and killings, including beheadings.
  • Persecution is “a form of religious-ethnic cleansing of Christian communities” resulting in mass migration and the sharp decline in the numbers of Christians in the Middle East and other countries across Asia and Africa.
  • Persecution is not just an issue for Christians but a human rights issue that affects us all. Christians, however, suffer harassment than any other religion in the world.
  • The incidence of persecution is highest in countries with a high level of religious extremism. (Source:http://www.christiantoday.com/article/pope.francis.sees.christian.genocide.as.persecution.affects.200.million.christians/60393.htm)


  1. For increased awareness of persecution and its impact on Christians, living in countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, with the highest incidence of
  2. For Christians suffering persecution to experience God’s grace to enable them to (i) respond to their persecutors in the spirit of the love of Christ, who has called on His followers to love “your enemies” and bless those that “persecute you”; (ii) to remain faithful to Christ despite the sufferings they are enduring.
  3. For Christians in the West not only to become more aware and compassionate about the mounting persecution of Christians around the world but also to be moved by the Spirit of God to become involved with helping to bring relief to the plight of these believers through prayer, advocacy and other practical support.
  4. For governments of the West, international donor agencies and governments of nations where Christians face persecution to do more to enhance and protect the rights and freedoms of those suffering persecution and that these efforts would lead collectively to a decline in the mass migration of Christians and an increase of the Christian witness in affected countries.

Prayer for North Korea

North Korea, the Most Oppressive Place in the World for Christians

“Once again, North Korea is ranked as the most oppressive place in the world for Christians, #1 on the World Watch List. In this totalitarian communist state, Christians are forced to hide their faith completely from government authorities, neighbors and often, even their own spouses and children. Due to ever-present surveillance, many pray with eyes open, and gathering for praise or fellowship is practically impossible. Worship of the ruling Kim family is mandated for all citizens, and those who don’t comply (including Christians) are arrested, imprisoned, tortured or killed. Entire Christian families are imprisoned in hard labor camps, where unknown numbers die each year from torture, beatings, overexertion and starvation. Those who attempt to flee to South Korea through China risk execution or life imprisonment, and those who stay behind often fare no better’ (Source: Open Doors).


  1. For the international community to continue to put pressure on the North Korean regime to implement necessary reforms in keeping international with international laws to guarantee the basic human rights of its citizens, including freedom of worship.
  2. Despite the harsh policies pursued by the North Korean regime to oppose the religious freedom of its people in an attempt to stamp out Christianity in North Korea that the Lord will continue to provide an opened door for the preaching of the Gospel and the evangelization of the people of North Korea.
  3. For the 50,000-70,000 Christians, imprisoned in labor camps, including American Christians detained in the country that are threatened by the North to receive harsher punishment. Ask God to sustain them.
  4. For protection of ministry partners who are bringing bibles and other practical and spiritual support to believers in North Korea, particularly American missionaries that are threatened with harsher punishment in response to US sanction against North Korean and Kim Jong-Un over the North’s dismal human rights violation records.
  1. For the spirit of atheism and idolatry controlling the government of North Korea to be broken
  1. That God would change the heart of Kim Jong-Un, and use him to reform the country.

Prayer for Revival throughout Asia for the Evangelizations of the continent

Christian Population of Asia Countries

Country            Total Population      Christian Population   Percent Christian

China                  1.37 billion                   100 million                         7.3 %

Philippines         203 million                    84 million                          81.5%

India                   1.2 billion                      28 million                           2%

Indonesia            259 million                   25 – 70 mil                        10 – 30%

South Korea       50.6 Mil                        15 million                           26.3%

Vietnam              94.5 million                    7 million                          7%

Malaysia             31.7 million                    2.6 million                       9%

Japan                  126.8 million                  2.5 million                  1.9%

Pakistan              182.1 million                  2.5 million                  1.4%


  1.  “Asia needs our special priority since it has the vast majority of unreached peoples, comprising the majority of the world’s Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists, and also the huge numbers in desperate poverty – over 80% of the world’s poorest people.”

“Pray that the church, its leaders and organization of the church in Asia will work together to fulfill the Great commission.”

  1. “As China’s churches are believed to have the largest population of Christians (and are still growing) China is rapidly changing from a mission field to a great mission force.”

“Pray that China’s church movement will continue to grow strong in evangelism for the end time harvest, and also for bringing transformation and revival nationally and globally.”

  1. “It will take a miracle to bring real reconciliation and unity in the relationship between China, Japan and Korea, due to their deep-rooted historical wounds and trauma.  Nevertheless, if Christians in these three countries come together, they will become huge blessings and a great testimony.”

“Pray for the Lord to unite the Christians of China, Korea and Japan for the revival of North East Asia and the whole of Asia.”   

(Source: “Something Better for Asia” – Prayer Global, pg. 41)



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